10 Must-Have Apps For Students In 2022

The new academic year comes with new challenges. There are new apps that will help overcome any obstacles as well. Smartphone and laptop applications are an inseparable part of the modern learning process. 

We have collected a list of the most relevant applications for students in 2022. Whether you are looking for academic help like papers writing service with PaperWriter.com or want to keep all your materials organized, the list of the following apps will help you to get through 2022. Check at least some of these apps, and you will feel the difference with life without them. 

ios Apps


If you are a freshman, you will face the necessity to find and cite credible academic sources. Sometimes, the process becomes tedious and mind-numbing. It is easy to make a mistake in citation formatting. 

RefMe does all the heavy lifting for you. The application has intuitive navigation and will help find credible academic sources. However, its main attraction is the citation feature. 

When you enter the barcode of the academic source you are using, the program will generate an automatic citation of it. 

RefMe supports all the academic formats: 

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

RefMe will make any research much easier. 


EverNote is a lifeline for a student of any course. You always need to make different kinds of notes. And Evernote will make it comfortable. Evernote combines different formats of media files. The app can create text notes, photos, videos, web pages, and even audio files. 

The app keeps all of your materials in user-friendly notebooks, which are highly customizable also. Besides, Evernote has a task management function that will keep your schedule organized. 

Evernote has cloud-based data storage. You will have access to your notes from any device, anytime. 


OfficeLense is a lifesaver if you need to copy a large amount of hand-written text. OfficeLense is an application that converts hand-written notes into readable, digital text. Messy lecture notes, chalk writing on blackboard – OfficeLense can turn everything into manageable info. 

Besides the writing, the application can improve the bad lighting and even an odd angle of the taken photo. 

OfficeLense is a must if you want to catch up with a massive amount of information. 


This browser extension is essential during the exams period. Motion helps you to focus on your studies by closing distracting websites. Motion blocks access to Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, while it is active. 

The application has flexible customization. You can manage your black and white lists as you see fit. If you accidentally opened a black-listed website, the application will give you 60 seconds to check the page and return to your studies. 

Motion is an essential application if you are looking for ultimate concentration during your study session. 


Forest is a motivational app that takes a creative approach toward your focus. When you activate the application, you plant a tree in your digital forest. You leave your smartphone alone, and the tree is growing. 

However, if you activate something besides the Forest app, a tree will die. The more you focus on your studies, the more trees you can plant in your forest. 

There is one most peculiar thing about this app. The developers gather users’ activity data and plant trees in real life according to trees in digital forests. 

The Forest app will help you focus on your studies and contribute to the environment. It is a win-win case. 


You will need a good dictionary app even if you apply in a non-linguistics field. The amount of specialized terminology may be overwhelming at first. Besides, general web-search may take too much time. 

A digital dictionary is a trusty companion during essay writing or research. There are several most popular options: 

  • Merriam Webster 
  • Oxford Dictionary 
  • BBC Learning Dictionary 
  • Urban Dictionary. 

With a dictionary app, you will always find the right words. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive is a default application available on any device. It may be a great help in the college environment. Google Drive includes Google Documents. You will have constant access to your writings from any device. 

Google Drive allows sharing of media files between different people. This feature is vital in collective projects. All kinds of media files can be stored in Google Drive. The amount of disk spaces provided by Google per account is more than enough for academic needs. 

Besides, Google Drive is customizable. You can add extensions to it, read or even edit certain files. Google Drive is a perfect place to keep and share all your academic data. 


Todoist is one of the most efficient time-management applications of 2021. It is a solid foundation to become one of the best in 2022 either. Todoist helps you organize your learning schedule and keeps you updated about it. 

The application has all the necessary functions: tags, filters, and a user-friendly interface. You can create big projects, divide them into tasks and share them with other participants. 

On top of that functionality, Todoist supports cloud-based technology and will sync with other devices. Todoist is an efficient way to organize your workflow. 


Mathway is your pocket helper for solving math problems. Besides giving you a solution for a problem, the app provides a detailed guide on how to do it. 

You may type in your problem or upload a photo; the app will do the rest for you. The guidance by the app is hard to overestimate. It not only helps you to get through math problems but deepens your understanding also. 


College time is not only about studying hard. The Unidays app collects all kinds of discounts available for students. Clothes, tickets for events, hardware, and software – you may find anything that includes a student’s discount in this app. 

Unidays work in more than 100 countries across the world. If you have an abroad trip, Unidays will help you save some money anyway. 

Final Words 

The following list of applications touches only the tip of the iceberg. There are far more challenges in a student’s life and even more applications to help you solve them. Try them for yourself and find the best solution for your daily academic tasks. 


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