Where to Exchange DOGE to BTC Safely?

As technology advances, security on the Internet becomes more and more important. There are at least two aspects of cybersecurity that affect everyone, without exception:

  • Personal information protection;
  • Personal finance protection.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is largely due to the high degree of their security. All cryptocurrencies are significantly more anonymous than traditional bank accounts and are incomparably better protected from theft.

Where to store Dogecoin

Financial security starts with choosing the right safe place to store your funds. Digital assets do not exist physically, therefore, cryptocurrency wallets are special software. There are several options for crypto wallets:

  • Web wallets.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Desktop wallets.
  • Hardware wallets.

In addition, crypto wallets are divided into hot and cold. Hot wallets include web wallets and mobile apps. They are maximally adapted to everyday use from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Using a hot wallet, you can exchange DOGE to BTC literally on the go. However, you have to pay for the convenience of using cryptocurrency with the increased vulnerability of your storage.

Cold wallets are autonomous, they are connected to the network as needed. It is not very convenient, but it provides better security for your coins. All hardware models are referred to as cold wallets. Desktop crypto wallets occupy an intermediate position, as their connection to the network depends on the mode of use of your device.

Where to change DOGE to BTC


There are several ways to exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency. The safest and safest way to exchange is to use the services of specialized platforms. It can be an online broker, a classic cryptocurrency exchange, or an instant cryptocurrency exchange service.

Features of the exchange on the classic exchange

Dogecoin is widely represented. Among the platforms that support trading pairs with this coin, it is worth mentioning Binance, Kraken, Huobi Global, and Coinbaza. Traditional exchanges are adapted for trading and their functionality is increasingly approaching the functionality of classic online brokers. 

In addition to trading, large platforms provide other earning opportunities. On traditional platforms, a large selection of methods for replenishing a deposit is provided, the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat money is supported

However, they also have disadvantages. First of all, you will inevitably have to create an account and verify it. You will need to indicate your country of residence, email, and phone number. In addition, you will need to provide a scan or photo of an identity document.

A personal wallet will be created in your profile in which you can store cryptocurrency. It’s convenient, but not secure enough. Of course, reputable trading platforms care about the security of their customers’ personal information and funds, but cybercriminals are also on the alert. In the history of almost all exchanges, there have been precedents of hacking and theft of huge sums. Therefore, for long-term storage of coins, experts strongly recommend withdrawing funds to external cold wallets.

How LetsExchange works

To exchange DOGE to BTC, you just need to follow the link https://letsexchange.io/, fill out the exchange widget and confirm the exchange request. The operation is performed automatically and takes a few seconds.

You do not need to create an account and provide any personal information. The only thing that may be required is your email, and only if you need a receipt with the details of the transaction.

LetsExchange does not provide wallet services. This means that your coins are outside your wallet for exactly as long as it takes to complete the swap and they cannot be stolen.

Since LetsExchange does not store any coins or personal information of clients, theft and leakage are completely excluded.



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