PUBG Mobile KR: How to Download PUBG Korean Version on Android

PUBG Mobile KR version is basically another iteration of the global version but it is specifically dedicated to users in the Korean Region. A user can play this game by signing in using Facebook, Twitter, or playing as a guest.

The major reason behind the popularity of PUBG Mobile KR is its skins, outfits, and costumes which are significantly different from that of the normal global version of the game. The KR version of PUBG offers its players a plethora of rare skins alongside rare costumes and other items as well.

The costumes that are available for free in PUBGM KR is available for a high cost on the global version. The Korean version of the game was specifically designed for the population of Korea and hence it is more or less geo-locked and cannot be accessed directly by people residing in other countries.

The modified version of PUBG for Korea was specifically made in order to adhere to the Korean laws and also deal with the data protection and privacy norms that are set in the country. PUBG mobile has a large audience, especially in Asian countries such as Korea, India, Pakistan, and so on. The multiplayer game also has a huge platform for esports and there are annual tournaments worth millions of dollars conducted for Esports players. 

Why Should You Download and Play PUBG Mobile KR Version?

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PUBG Mobile KR version started becoming popular after word of mouth spread about the rewards and skins being offered for free to their users. The first major advantage of Pubg KR is that of latency rates. A lot of users have noticed that the ping rates on the KR version of the game are quite low as compared to the global version of the game.

A lower ping would mean that the game would be smoother and there would be a minimal amount of lag. Secondly, the game provides a lot of rare stuff for free. The global version of the game has a very bad algorithm for handing out rarer rewards to the players. Whereas on the other hand, PUBG Mobile Kr hands out easy rewards which are much rarer to the players on a frequent basis.

The rewards system of the game is also pretty impressive. Players just do not get the normal coins as rewards. They get the skins, characters, and other items easily as rewards in this game. All of these options make it very lucrative for the game to be quite high on the popular list. 

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Korean Version on Phone 

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Downloading and installing PUBG Mobile Korea can be a bit complicated since the game is almost exclusively available in Korea. You need to download the game using external sources in order to access it and play the game without any hassles.

You need to choose a reliable site as there may be an instance through which you can download malware or viruses on your phone. The steps to download the game and install it are as mentioned below: 

  1. You need to visit a reliable site like APKPure to download the PUBG Mobile Korean XAPK file. You need to follow all the steps properly to ensure that the file downloaded is proper. You also need to ensure that you are downloading the latest version of the game. Once the download starts you need to wait until the time the game file is completely downloaded. 
  2. Once the file is completely downloaded you will be able to access it. The file extension will be that of XAPK. You won’t be able to open the XAPK file just like that. In order to access the APK and OBB files of the PUBGM Kr version, you need to change the extension of the downloaded file from .XApk to .Zip by renaming the respective file downloaded. 
  3. Once you have changed the extension of the file from .XApk to .Zip you will be able to open the file. Once you have been able to open the Zip file through WinRAR or any other application. You are required to extract the files from the compressed file. You will find both the APK and OBB files in the compressed file. 
  4. Once the extraction process is done you need to carry out the installation process. You need to press the extracted APK file and install the application package on your phone in order to access the game. 
  5. Once you have installed the game on the phone using the APK file extension. You need to ensure that the data of the game is placed in the right folder. You need to create a folder within the Android/OBB directory. The name of the folder must be com.pubg.krmobile. You need to ensure that the name of the folder along with the location of the directory your folder is in is right. If the game data is in an incorrect location the game won’t work. 
  6. Once you have made the folder of the game you need to take the OBB files found in the zip file and paste them into the folder which was created in the previous step. The OBB file of the game contains the game data and hence without pasting the OBB file, the game won’t operate or even function properly. 
  7. Once you have done all the steps mentioned above you can now finally run the game and enjoy it after playing. Since PUBG Mobile Korea is essentially a multiplayer game you need to make sure that you are connected to the internet throughout the game to ensure that you can play the game without any hassles. 

Using the steps mentioned above you can easily download and play the game. PUBG Mobile KR is a game with high graphics and hence you require a lot of data to be downloaded. After installing the game it would require at least 1.9 GB of data.

After everything is done the game would occupy at least 4 GB of data on your phone depending on the Audio and HD packs.   

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