Easy Way to Restore WhatsApp From Google Drive to iPhone

The multi-purpose function of Whatsapp has made the instant messaging application the most popular social media application on the respective app stores of both Android and IOS. Whatsapp has a plethora of interesting features such as voice and video calls, instant messaging, and voice chats as well and it is available on multiple platforms as well to download which includes IOS, Desktop, and Android devices.

All of these features make WhatsApp a very lucrative option for people to download and use for communicating easily with other people. A lot of the time a person who is using their phone may need to change their phone. The user may be changing their phone from Android to IOS.

If a user wants to shift their device from Android to IOS this could complicate things by a bit since the backup files of the Android version of WhatsApp are not compatible with the IOS version of the application.

If you are wondering about the solution to this issue, there is nothing to worry about since we are here to provide you with a tutorial that would help you to restore and backup the data of Whatsapp on iPhone using Google Drive.

Please make sure that your Whatsapp is updated to the latest version in order to restore the data. 

Backing Up the Data on Google Drive

The first thing to do before we move on to the restoring phase is to have a proper backup being conducted for the Whatsapp files on Google Drive.  Once the respective user is done with backing up their Whatsapp Data, they can easily access the data to restore it on any device which would even include the iPhones.

You need to keep one thing in mind even though one can restore data on IOS devices using the backup on Google Drive, the process is not exactly one dimensional and would take a couple of steps to make it possible 

Issues Encountered While Restoring Data From Google Drive to iPhone 

Before we move on to the steps for restoring the Whatsapp data from Google Drive on an iPhone, it is highly imperative that a user particularly understands the complications which could arise in the process and how can they be tackled. Restoring the data on your iPhone is particularly important when you wish to retain all the chats of your Whatsapp especially after you are transitioning from an Android device to an IOS.

There are mainly a couple of ways through which one can go about restoring their data and in the end, primarily one can only backup their data on Google Drive from Android phones. Google Drive is a very important utility in restoring lost data, however, it is not that simple to restore the lost data upon an IOS device.

The reason behind this is that the Whatsapp IOS version is only compatible via iCloud for backup and restore which would mean that you cannot directly restore from Google Drive on your new iPhone. So in order to solve the issue of accessing older chats on an iPhone device, the first and foremost thing you need to do is restore the data to another location preemptively since the encryption mechanism on an iPhone is completely different from that used by Google Drive on Android Phones.

The apple phone won’t be able to make sense of the file being downloaded and restored by Google Drive. 

Restoring Whatsapp Chats from Google Drive to iPhone

There are essentially two parts to this particular process of restoring the chats. The first step is to restore the backup files to a third party application. The other step in this particular solution would be to have that third party application export the data on the iPhone.

In order to get through the process, there are some prerequisite items that would be needed to get things done. The components are as mentioned below. 

  • An Android Phone with Enough Space
  • The Whatsapp Data of your phone backed up in Google Drive

Whatsapp must be installed on both the Android Device as well as the IOS device in order for this solution to work. 

Restoring the Backup Files 

In order to ensure that the data of the Whatsapp on Android phone is restored in an IOS device, it has to be backed up on another platform which is not Google Drive. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Delete and Reinstall Whatsapp in order to delete all the previously existing data on it. 
  • Before we proceed to the next steps ensure that you are logged in to your Google Drive account. 
  • You need to open Whatsapp and enter your respective phone number. The number you register on Whatsapp must be the same as the number being used to back up the respective files on Google Drive. 
  • Whatsapp will detect the backup and ask you to restore the files. You must click on the continue button.

restore whatsapp backup iphone

  • Allow all the permissions that show up on the application.


  • Whatsapp will choose the latest backup file which is present on Google Drive. You need to click on tap Restore in order for the data to be restored.

restore whatsapp backup oniphone

  • Once the messages have been successfully restored, you need to click on Next to complete the setup of the Whatsapp application.

whatsapp restore backup iphone

Exporting WhatsApp Information By Email

The next step in this particular solution is to have the Whatsapp Data on your Android Phone to be exported to your IOS phone. The method is as mentioned below. 

  • Open Whatsapp on your Android Phone. 
  • You need to press on the chat you intend to export to the IOS device.

2 4 

  • Once you open the chat, you will see the three dots on the right side of your screen. Tap on the option and access the chat settings. 
  • Tap on More to access more settings.

4 6

  • An option of Export Chat would be visible to see all the options.

5 6

  • Under this option choose the application of ‘Gmail’.

6 5

  • You need to enter the email address of the respective receiver to whom you want to send the chat file.

7 4

  • Now you can easily access the chat history on your IOS device without any hassle. 
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