How to Download WhatsApp Folder Contents?

WhatsApp is a permanent routine that everyone forges. From waking up to bedtime, WhatsApp seems to stay in all walks of life. Besides, the media (for example, videos, photos, etc.) that people share between people and families are interesting for WhatsApp.

But have you ever wondered where your all the media is stored? Where can you find the WhatsApp folder on Android or iPhone? Or how can you access WhatsApp backup folder or images folder?

If these are your questions, too, we look forward to welcoming you. We will not only search the WhatsApp database folder on iPhone or Android, but we will also examine where you can locate the WhatsApp folder! Read more to get to know more.

Where can I find the WhatsApp folder?

Now let’s see where to find the WhatsApp folder on different platforms. See the next section.

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WhatsApp folder on Android devices

If you use an Android device, you must follow the path below to access your shared WhatsApp files.

  • Depending on the device, first go to your “file manager” or “file finder.”
  • Here go to internal storage, scroll down and look for WhatsApp folder.

  • Finally, go to Media, and here you will find the all the files (images/videos/audios) from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp folder for iOS

If you use an iPhone and want to view your WhatsApp media files, please do as follows.

  • First of all, you should have access to WhatsApp to save your files on your device. To do this, go to the “WhatsApp” application and press “Settings” after opening.
  • Go to “Chats” and select the medium for recording.
  • Finally, tap Record Incoming Media. “When you have completed, you can access the media files in your native” Photos “app on your iPhone.

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Find WhatsApp files on WhatsApp PC

If you have installed WhatsApp on your Windows PC, you will find the path to find your WhatsApp files and media here.

“C:\Users\[username] \Downloads\”

Find WhatsApp files on MAC

If you have a Mac, follow the path below.


Find WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web

Many people still take the help of the WhatsApp web rather than taking the help of a desktop app. If you’re one of those, then you would know how to access WhatsApp files/folders depends on your web browser.

In other words, it depends on what web browser you are using, and then you can access your files in Downloads folder accordingly.

How to download WhatsApp folder contents

For Android

  • Go to File Manager > Whatsapp
  • Here you will see a media folder.
  • Open the media folder and here you can download the required media files from WhatsApp.

For iOS

Follow the steps below to save your WhatsApp media files.

  • Go to the WhatsApp application and start it.
  • After opening, tap on the icon in the lower right corner of your iPhone and click on the “Settings” option.
  • After opening the settings, click “Chats” to select the media you want to save.
  • Then hit “Save Incoming Media” to make sure that all incoming images and videos you receive are automatically saved in your WhatsApp folder.

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How to view the WhatsApp images folder?

Have you recently noticed that your WhatsApp images folder is no longer visible in your gallery? Well, this cannot happen due to the data loss; it may have gone into a hidden state.

To see the WhatsApp images folder, you need to follow the steps in that order and switch back to the WhatsApp images folder in the Gallery app.

  • Quickly access your device and start the “File Manager” application.
  • Find the “WhatsApp directory” and press the “Media” folder.
  • Now press “More” option for settings.
  • Find and tap the “Show hidden files/folders” option.
  • Now go back to the “.nomedia” file and click “Delete”. Consent to your actions by clicking “Accept”.

How to move the WhatsApp folder to the SD card?

Your phone may be running out of space, and the most apparent reason is WhatsApp media data that you get a lot, right? So we have an excellent opportunity to gain more storage space. Just move all the data from your WhatsApp folder to your SD card. This is how you can do it:

  • First, download the “Browser / File Manager” application on your Android device.
  • Then open the “Internal Storage” files from where you can find the “WhatsApp folder”.
  • In the WhatsApp folder, find a folder called “Media”.
  • Then press and hold to select it. Now you have to click “Cut” in the available options.
  • Then select the destination as “External Storage”, tap “More” or “3 horizontal/vertical dots” and create a folder named “WhatsApp” by tapping the “New Folder” option.
  • Tap the new WhatsApp folder on your SD card to access it, then click the “Paste” option. In short, while you can see your WhatsApp image folder is moved from internal storage to SD card.
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