[FIXED] We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

Instagram, a lot of the time limits the users from doing normal things such as commenting, liking, uploading stories, and much other stuff that a particular user regularly does on the unique social media application.

Blocking the user from doing all these normal actions may be annoying since your day-to-day operation of Instagram would be sabotaged due to this error. The particular user would see an error message which would read, “We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

It is easy for a user to stop and counter these mistakes by knowing why this particular incident happened by knowing the limit for the number of comments, posts, reels, and likes. If a particular user oversteps the mandated amount of limit allowed for Instagram, the above-mentioned error code would be displayed.    

How Long Would Instagram Limit the Account?

Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

This particular error is completely unique to the blocked Instagram action issue and in order to correct the limit error, the user needs to be aware of the reasons behind this issue.

This limitation by Instagram prevents the users from scrolling down their feed and using Instagram to connect and interact with their respective accounts. The error appears as a pop-up message which reads, ‘We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we have made a mistake. ‘ Below mentioned are the reasons behind the issue: 

Instagram Application is Preventing Spam

If the user is doing things such as bulk liking and commenting on posts, following, or unfollowing people in large numbers then Instagram may ban you on the basis of an assumption that you are a bot in the form of the Instagram account, and to prevent them from reducing individual user usage.

Low Trust Score on the Instagram Account

The Instagram algorithm is coded in such a way that performing any action leads to significant account closures. This particular Action block which is made active by the Instagram algorithm reduces your involvement in an application that is considered to be spam.

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How to Fix “We limit how often Instagram…” Error Message? 

There is only one primary solution through which one particular user would easily be able to solve this particular issue. 

Reporting Instagram for the Issue:

After applying all the possible solutions for Instagram, there is one particularly important solution left. All the users have to report to Instagram in order to get their accounts back. 

  • A particular user needs to head towards the ‘Settings’ of the respective profile of the user and then click on the Help button in the settings dialogue. 
  • In the Help dialogue box, the user needs to click on the Report a Problem option which would be visible over there. 

report a problem on instagram

  • There will be an empty text box visible, wherein the user needs to explain his/her problem in brief such that the developers exactly understand what the problem is. 
  • Once the user is done with reporting the issue and filling the text box, one can press submit.        

Limitations on the Instagram Posts a User can Upload/Delete per day?

instagram marketing

Primarily, there is no hard and fast rule on the quantity of Instagram posts a particular user can delete per day. There is no such regulation for the number of posts that can be removed or added by the respective user per day at any moment of time.

However, the limit you can face when deleting an Instagram post is that the user will have to delete each and every post and not completely at once.

The Instagram app is different because it can’t delete any of its posts altogether. It only allows users to delete them one by one.

Instagram prevents its users from deleting their posts only on mobile phones. If the user wishes to delete a particular post on Instagram using a web browser, this particular action cannot be performed. The coding of Instagram prevents it from displaying such an option to the user while using a web browser. 

Limitations of Commenting on Instagram

Instagram permits users to post around 180 to 200 comments per day. One important thing to note is that this number may vary depending on the total age of your Instagram account. 

For an Instagram account that is new, the total limit for comments is less than 200, and primarily around 180. 

A user needs to take precautionary measures in order to make sure that you do not exceed this limit. If it is skipped it can lead to blocking your Instagram account. It is strongly recommended that the user always keep their number below the limit allowed to be on the safe and not face the limitation error.

A particular user should also avoid commenting or posting the same comments over and over again, which would flag your account as spam and thus lead to unprecedented account closures. You should also take safety precautions so that you do not use only emojis in your comments in a big way. Always back up with a few words to avoid exposing your account as a spam account. 

Limitations of Captions on Instagram

Instagram has limited the number of letters that can be used in captions. Instagram captions must not contain more than 2,200 characters.

The user needs to ensure that the captions of the users are limited to only 2,200. But, short captions draw more attention from Instagram than long ones.

Crossing the line may lead your account to be red-flagged which may be a way to block your account.

The user must try and keep their caption short and to the point. Avoid making your captions contain wordless emojis.

Use your ingenuity and try to make short and short captions enough to catch the eye of the people who are following you.

These are some of the major pointers through which you can easily fix the error to be displayed on Instagram. One can easily solve the errors, especially the limit issue by being aware of the total limits of posting stories, posts, or commenting. 

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