11 Best Lip Sync Apps for Android & iOS

Nowadays, every single person is hell-bent on becoming famous or successful for some performing art or another. If a person has a good interest in singing and wants to become a social media sensation then they can use the lip-sync applications and make videos out of it.

Lip sync is essentially the abbreviation or a short form of lip synchronisation which essentially means that one matches their speaking or singing but they do not actually speak or sing but only sync their lips with the audio.

There are a plethora of lip-sync applications available on Android and IOS which can be used by any number of users. These particular applications are very easy to use and one can easily use these particular applications and make videos using just the camera. In order to sing a song without any musical instrument, you can use these lip sync apps by just switching on the front camera of your respective android or IOS phone.

One can also easily record all the songs using the app and then save them on your respective device. Below mentioned are some of the most popular lip-sync applications available for IOS and Android and IOS users.   


MuStar is a battle based lip sync application that is available for both Android and IOS users. This particular app lets the users make lip-sync clips, have virtual battles with other users, and also earn valuable stars over the process.

By using this app one will be able to create various unique musical lip sync videos by choosing the favourite song available out of the millions available and easily lip-sync it through your mobile device by using your front-facing camera.

One can also use several vine editing apps. This particular application has a huge database of songs for the users to lip-sync with.    


Download: IOSAndroid


MadLipz is an app that can be used as an instant dub and sub which is developed by Eiguenity Inc for both Android and IOS users. This particular application is a fun application to use which can be used to create memes, parodies and various other stuff. This particular application lets the users have instant lip-sync and voiceover and also have subtitle parodies that can be shared with friends, families and other people out there.

The application has more than a thousand clips that can be instantly dubbed and lip-synced. The profile of the respective user has every video made and every work done visible publicly which makes it easy for the creators to showcase their work without any hassle. 


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Like Video

Like Video is a particularly interesting music and video maker application that is developed by Bigo technology for both the Android and IOS Operating Systems. This particular application has more than three hundred special effects which help the users to make new and unique videos with the lip-sync functionality.

Using this particular app one can pretend to be the main character of their favourite film and lip-sync their lines from a particular scene. The user can also use the other 50 funny special magic effects which include but are not limited to heart, fire, Rain, Star Dust and others. These particular effects make the whole video-making process smooth.


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TikTok is one of the most popular and highly grossed lip-sync applications which is developed by musical.ly and is available for both Android and IOS users. This particular app is available for free, however, there are certain add-ons available that can be purchased in order to get more features.

One can easily discover and use their own innovation to make more and more awesome videos by shooting memorable and funny moments through the application. This particular application comes with a personalised video feed for a particular user based on their viewing history.

You can easily watch, like and share the video with your friends and family. The algorithm of Tik Tok would easily adjust to the viewing history of the particular user and show the most relevant videos according to the interest of the user. 

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Dubeos is also one of the popular applications out there for Android and IOS users. This particular lip sync application also works as a video dubbing application. One can easily search for their favourite music video or a particular movie scene, or a famous tv moment through youtube and then share that video with the Dubeos app.

With this particular app, one can easily begin lip-syncing or even perform their own dub video scene while using a particular video. This particular application is available for free on the app store of both android and IOS so one can easily use the application to make lip-sync and dub videos on the respective Android or IOS device.   


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StarMaker is a popular application that lets users make fun lip-sync videos. This particular application is available for both Android and IOS users. You can make new videos of lip sync on your phone for free without any hassles. One can also use this app as a Karaoke App and sing their favourite song with interesting and unique musical effects.

There are a lot of interesting features in the app such as Optimise, Take the mic experience, adding quick comment feature, ranking awards and so much more. The app is also embedded with a sing feature that provides the users with a personalised songbook based on their preferences and their favourite song.

There is also an option for direct messaging and inbox. Using this particular option one can easily message their friends and other users of the app in order to find out what they are up to. 


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This particular lip-syncing application is available on the Android platform. This particular application has a very good and filled music library which makes this app a good choice for people who want to create a lip-sync video. Similar to Tik-Tok, Triller also has a social community for people to share videos easily without any hassles. A user can also like, comment and share the videos available on the Triller forum. triller

Download: Android 


StarMaker is one of the highest-grossing applications for both Android and IOS users who want to make new lip sync videos. This particular application can also be used as a Karaoke app. One can sing their favourite song on it. There are a lot of additional features available such as adding quick comments, take the mic experience and so on. This application also has the option of a direct messaging box with lets you send text messages to your friends and other users. starmaker 1

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Funimate is a very specific music editing application which is developed by Avcr Inc for both Android and IOS users. This is a great lip sync application that allows users to record any new videos for free. It is also an awesome video editing application with a lot of great effects through which one can easily edit any video and make it a completely new one. Funimate is very easy to use as well. One of the best features of this application is touch magic which lets the users draw effects on the screen and make cool videos. funimate

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Zoomerang is an extremely popular music editing software that lets the user make short videos on the platform through either your Android or IOS devices. It also provides the users with an option to record a video with any sort of background music and also adds special effects to make interesting videos with the lip sync features. This app is free, however, there are certain in app purchases that can be made. This application has an embedded Artificial Intelligence feature available. zoomerang

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Trell is one of those good lip sync applications which is developed for both Android and IOS users. This application is available for free with a lot of features to use on the respective smartphones. This app will let the users create certain funny videos which you can share with their friends and family. There are hundreds of effects available that you can easily choose and edit a photo or video on your smartphone without any hassles. One of the best features of this application is to create your personal travel diary. trell

Download: Android | IOS

These are some of the most popular applications available out there in case you want to have fun with dubbing or have a good lip-syncing experience. All of these applications as mentioned below barring certain in-app purchases are completely free in nature and can be downloaded and used without any hassles.  

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