The Secret Features of Firestick Nobody Tells You About

Amazon FireSticks can turn any not-so-smart TV into a Smart one, and there is no denying it. If your TV supports HDMI, Amazon Fire Stick can offer you many services, apps, streaming options, and features. Let’s take a look at these features.

tv movies

Complete information about any movie or TV Show,

Amazon is not just an online shopping site, but it also owns IMDb. So, it gives you free access to film/show ratings, trivia, summaries, cast info, biographies, etc. If you have not used this feature yet, make the best of it next time you use Firestick. 

Alexa is not just limited to Amazon anymore,

In the early days, the mic of the Amazon Firestick remote would only look up movies from Amazon and applications from Amazon’s AppStore. But now, Alexa can search for movies and TV shows on Netflix and other platforms. You can also ask Alexa to,

  1. Play Music
  2. Find content based on genre, actor, or name,
  3. Control Playback

No remote, No issue

FireTV remotes are just the perfect size to fall under your bed or back of a sofa. It is not very convenient to repeat the process of losing and finding it again and again. If your remote decides to take a break from this world, let it be like that. 

You might want to install the FireTv app after that. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can use it exactly like the remote and give Alexa commands and take the benefits of an actual keyboard.

Stream a lot without paying extra

If you don’t want to pay extra to stream movies, Sports, or Live TV, there is an alternate solution in the Firestick. You can install a third-party app easily in Firestick.

Before installing Streaming apps, you have to install a VPN on your Firestick. IPVanish app is a free VPN app that is easy to use and lets you stream privately. You can also use VPNs like Expressvpn, Nord VPN, SurfShark VPN, etc.

No more ad-tracking

It makes me really uncomfortable when I search for something on the Internet, and all of my devices fill up with similar types of ads. You can stop ad-tracking in Fire Stick by,

  1. Going to settings,
  2. Then to preferences,
  3. Then Privacy Settings.

You can find an option to turn off Internet-based ads there.

Overly Good Screensavers customization

If you leave your FireTV as it is for some time, you can see some brilliant shots around the world. But if you want to use photos from your gallery, you can do that too.

You have to use Prime Photos, which comes free with your Prime package. You can use a browser or an app for your smartphone to upload photos there. After that, you have to go to,

  1. Settings
  2. Display and Sounds,
  3. Screensaver

After that, you can choose the collection you would like to appear in.

Enjoy movies and Shows on your Bluetooth device!

Any disturbance while sleeping can annoy anyone. And for some reason, if anyone is enjoying something on TV, and you are trying to sleep, it annoys you even more. 

But you can resolve this issue by connecting wireless earphones with your FireStick by following these steps,

  1. Go to settings,
  2. Click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices,
  3. Other Bluetooth Devices,

Now, pair your Bluetooth device from there.

Option to turn off autoplay on all featured content

Showing featured content is not annoying, but a video highlight of that is. If it makes you uneasy too, then follow these steps to get rid of it,

  1. Go to Settings once again,
  2. Go to preferences and then to Featured Content.

Now, you can disable audio and video independently.



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