AMOLED Vs OLED – Which is Better? And Why?

The purpose behind the usage of mobile phones has changed over time. Earlier it used to be just a communications device, however, nowadays it has just become a tool of basic necessity which everyone needs to have.

The introduction of smartphones has drastically changed the lives of all people.

It is basically a mini-computer that is extremely portable. Using a smartphone you can have a lot of things with just a single touch. There are a lot of things to look for in a smartphone and AMOLED vs OLED is just a part of it.

Just before you buy a smartphone, a user would obviously check the specifications list which would potentially include the display, battery, processor, RAM, operating system and much more.

Today we will be looking at the comparison between the OLED and AMOLED display panels which are the most advanced display tech available right now in the market.

What are OLED Displays?

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OLED displays basically mean Natural Light Emitting Diode. This is a type of LED technology which uses LEDs, and the light comprises organic molecules which essentially cause the LEDs to shine brighter. These organic LEDs or OLEDs are considered the best display panels in the world.

The OLED display panel is basically built by putting two organic films among the two different conductors. As a result of which, a bright light comes out when the panel is passed through electricity.

It is a simple design with a lot of advantages. OLEDs are used to make displays emissive, which means that each pixel can be controlled and would potentially emit its own light.

Because of this, the OLED display panels have very good picture quality, bright colours and high contrast displays. PMOLED or Passive Matrix OLED are a variant of the OLED displays.

These PMOLEDs are very easy to find, and they are cheaper than other LEDs as well. But the major issue with these PMOLEDs is that they do not last long since their lifespan is very short.

This display is used for small devices up to 3 inches. Another variant of OLED displays is AMOLED which stands for Active Matrix OLED. This display is used for large platforms, and it contains TFT as well.

Advantages of OLED Displays

There are a lot of advantages of OLED Displays. The advantages are as mentioned below:

  1. The OLED displays provide the user with a good quality display.
  2. They are quite cost-effective.
  3. The OLED panels are much brighter than LED panels.
  4. The OLED panels do not require backlighting.
  5. The response time in the OLED displays is much quicker than the normal LCDs.

Disadvantages of OLED Display

There are a few disadvantages of the OLED displays as well. They are as mentioned below.

  1. The OLED display panels do not last as long as compared to the other display panels such as LCDs, LEDs and even the PDP display tech.
  2. The OLED display panels come with a lot of variation in colour balance.
  3. There is not much resistance provided in OLED Displays against wear and tear and water.

What are AMOLED Displays?

There are not many restrictions on the size of the display in AMOLED panels. The power consumption in AMOLED display panels is quite a bit less as compared to other display technologies.

The AMOLED panel provides an incredibly good performance since it is much thinner, lighter and quite a bit more flexible as compared to other display techs such as LCDs, LEDs or any other technology.

The AMOLED display panel is used in a wide array of devices such as mobiles, laptops and even TVs. Because of the advantages of AMOLED, Samsung has introduced AMOLED displays in almost all its products.

AMOLED is used in other products as well such as smartwatches, tablets, music players, gaming consoles, music production hardware, digital cameras and so much more.

Advantages of AMOLED Displays

There are a lot of advantages of the AMOLED displays. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. The AMOLED displays can be embedded into a display of any size.
  2. The refresh rate of AMOLED is much more as compared to PMOLED.
  3. AMOLED can also be used in industrial applications easily because of its adaptability.
  4. The viewing angles in AMOLED displays are so much better than in IPS LCD displays.

Disadvantages of AMOLED Display as Compared to OLED

There are certain disadvantages of AMOLED displays as well. They are as mentioned below:

  1. The quality of AMOLED disgrades with passing time. This is the major disadvantage of AMOLED.
  2. AMOLED displays are very likely to encounter a screen burn-in.
  3. The AMOLED panels are costlier compared to the other display technology.

Differences Between AMOLED and OLED Display Technology

There are certainly significant differences between OLED and AMOLED technology. OLED basically comprises thin layers of the component which is organic and emits light when the current passes through it.

In this particular technology, each pixel is capable of emitting its own light. Whereas, whereas AMOLED consists of an additional layer of TFTs or thin-film transistors.

The storage capacitors in AMOLED are used to maintain the status of the pixel. OLED displays are much more deeper blacks when compared to the AMOLED displays. It is not possible to see the screen of AMOLED in direct sunlight.

The quality of displays in AMOLED is much better than the OLEDs since there is an additional layer of TFTs present which consists of backplane technologies.

The OLED displays have a high level of control over its pixels and hence it can be turned off completely which would result in an excellent ratio of contrast when compared to the AMOLED Displays. However, on the other hand AMOLED has a much faster refresh rate than the OLEDs.

There is also a lot of articifical contrast ratio present as each pixel transmits light which essentially consumes more power than the OLEDs. The OLED displays are also much more thinner than the LCDs.

The AMOLEDs on the other hand do not have any limitation in the display sizes and hence it can practically fit into any display size.

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.


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