10 Best Random Color Generators (HEX, RGB, RGBA & HSL)

When people are beginning a creative project, they may not have a colour in mind exactly to start out with. Often, artists and creators suffer from brain fade, which hampers their progress on a particular creative project.

Especially when starting out with a creative project, an artist may have a colour palette already in mind, but what happens in case you do not have one in your mind.

This is not a bad thing entirely since you can explore newer colours and search for the perfect shade in order to reach your creative side. Random colour generators are the best in this aspect to get you started.


What are Colour Generators?

These random colour generators are online tools that help you discover new colour hues which can be picked up to use in various design projects. What we need to understand is that there are a lot of random colours.

Even a colour as simple as Blue has more than a thousand shades and hues such as cobalt and cerulean. But if your goal is to be as random as you can be then you need to use these random colour generators.

The colours are displayed in the random colour generator with their respective hexadecimal codes which is basically a number system that represents a specific value. Below mentioned are some examples.   

  • Alice Blue: #f0f8ff
  • Amethyst: #9966cc
  • Celadon: #ace1af
  • Dark Red: #8b0000
  • Eggshell: #f0ead6
  • Hunter Green: #355e3b
  • Magenta: #ff00f
  • University of California Gold: #b78727
  • Viridian: #40826d

If you want to explore more colours, you can try putting some of these colours together in order to create a bold and eye-popping colour scheme.

If you have now understood the concept of colour generators then let us have a look at some of the best available random colour generators and also fun to use colour randomiser wheels for all your creative requirements. 

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Random Colour 

Random Colour is an extremely simple site in the form of a colour generator. Every time you load the page you will get yourself a new colour, you can reload again and again to get newer and random colours every time you load the site.

This site is perfect for you if you are searching for a new shade without any sort of limitations.

The only downside of this site is that it only shows you the colour. There is an absence of the hex colour codes and other information that is required. 


Random Hex Colour Code Generator

This particular random colour generator randomly generates as many colours as you want. This makes this website perfect for coming up with colour palettes to work with on your project.

You simply need to continue clicking on the ‘Generate Colour’ button in order to see newer colours pop up.

The best part about all of this is that the newer colours come up with their hex colour codes. You simply need to click on the respective colour in order to copy the Hexa code in your clipboard.



If you are someone who wants to work with random colours, but want a bit of control over the shades of the colour then Coolors is the best possible choice for you.

The CSS colour picker of coolor is the best for selecting a random colour and discerning different shades, their temperatures, tints, and tones.

Coloor will actually generate an entire colour palette for the user, unlike the other tools. Coolor is not only available in the website form, but you can use it as an Adobe add-on, Chrome extension and also as an IOS application. 


Colour Schemer Random Generator

The best advantage of the Colour Schemer Random Generator is that the user can instantly see how white, black and shadowed text can appear on a colourful background, which is especially helpful when one is designing with readability in their mind.

This particular colour generator gives you five different choices of colour codes for your project, hex, RGB, CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key), HSV(Hue, Saturation and Value) and HSL(Hue, Saturation and Lightness).

All of these choices make it very convenient for the designer to have a pick at the colour for their creative project without any major issues. 


Colours Random Colour Picker

This particular site is aesthetically soothing in nature. The site will guide you with one random colour at a time. All the user needs to do is press the spacebar button on their keyboards in order to have a newer colour pop up on their screen.

The hex code of the respective colour also pops out next to the colour. The designers can use this site in a fun way by using it as a random colour generator for the hair of the characters they might be creating. 


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GIGA Calculator Random Colour Generator

If you want complete control over the types of colour palettes you won’t see, then is the best possible colour generator for you out there.

You can initially select from limited palettes such as red and black, a three a colour wheel, six colour wheel or even a 12 colour wheel.

You can also generate a lot of colours at once in order to save some time. All of this freedom to choose the colour you want to generate makes it a lucrative choice for the users. 


Shodor Random Colour Generator

This random colour generator has the biggest fonts out of all the other colour generators we have discussed today. This particular colour generator is the best for anyone who is tired of squinting at the small font colour hex codes.

This website was created by the computational science nonprofit company Shodor. By using this website you will be able to generate one colour at a time using the button ‘Generate’.


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