8 Best Internet Browsers For Roku

Roku is a well-known digital platform for streaming video from several online sites. Few people select Roku to watch online videos in the era of Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Although streaming is incredibly simple on the device, Roku regrettably lacks a built-in web browser.

Despite being around for more than ten years, Roku has yet to create an internal web browser. I should remind you that the platform does not come with a dedicated web browser. On its official Roku channel shop, it does provide a few browsers, but they have few and simple capabilities.

What is The Roku Channel?

The Roku Channel is the official Channel Store for Roku devices and offers streaming access to a wide range of content. On Roku, where you can view the most recent news, listen to music, lio

and stream your preferred material, you may modify your channel selection. For Roku, where the company uploads the majority of its content to keep users entertained with the newest releases, get Free music and video channels. You can obtain Netflix, HBO, and other premium material through premium channels with the same subscription.

Best Browsers for Roku in 2022



The best browsing application for Windows and other platforms is Firefox. TVs, laptops, and smartphones. The most widely used browser software for streaming videos on Roku TV was created by Mozilla, and its popularity is largely attributed to its privacy and security features.

The most potent Roku device connection is made by this software. The beta app must first be downloaded on your phone, used to sign up for the service using your email, and then installed on a Roku device using the same WiFi.

It’s crucial that your smartphone and Roku are connected to the same WiFi or network. After that, you can look for any streaming website and watch a variety of live channels, TV shows, reality shows, TV series, and other content.


  • Gives your device extra privacy and protection.
  • Moving the search bar is possible.
  • There are more than 150 million users worldwide.
  • UI that is clear and uncomplicated.


  • Firefox’s most recent iteration is noticeably slower than its predecessor.
  • On Roku devices, streaming might occasionally be quite sluggish.

Download Firefox


opera 1

The finest browser for browsing various websites and gaining immediate access is Opera. There is probably no need to elaborate on the OPera app, a highly well-liked browser with more than 350 million users worldwide.

Additionally, this browser works with every hardware and software, including TVs, smartphones, and computers. The finest TV gadget is Roku; using the navigation keys on the Roku remote, you may visit any website and choose it. Opera Soft Ltd. was the developer of this programme.

The safest browser is Opera, which forbids sites developed by third parties and gives you more security and privacy to secure your data by obscuring your details. This VPN gives you greater protection and privacy when you are browsing in public.


  • With the best browser and well specified functionality.
  • There are more than 230 million users worldwide
  • Multilingual assistance.
  • Increases browsing privacy and security.


  • The most recent upgrade is not intuitive.
  • Buffering and delayed loading occur occasionally.

Download Opera


The streaming service supported by Roku TVs and other TVs is called Xfinity. The greatest browser for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, news, etc. is this application. Comcast created the streaming application. You may view more than 250 stations with live TV capabilities and other features using this app.

Several TV networks from across the world are available to stream with this app. This has basically been updated to be streamable on large displays like computers and TVs in addition to smartphones and tablets.

When compared to other streaming apps, this Xfinity App for TV has amazing features. how many TV channels are available for live streaming. High-definition video resolution provides you with a great streaming experience so you can watch your favourite movies and TV episodes whenever you want. To find out why Xfinity is on my list of the Best Web Browsers For Roku Devices, continue reading.


  • You may access more than 250 live channels.
  • Many TV programmes and TV series there are to watch.
  • Watching can be done offline or online.
  • Customer support was offered around-the-clock.


  • Buffering and slowly loading.
  • Paying more to view your preferred live channels.

Download Xfinity

Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster

The greatest browsing application for Roku TVs is Web Video Caster. This browser application lets you browse any website and watch movies on your TV. By typing a URL or using the Chrome browser, you can choose any website.

InstantBits, Inc. designed this browsing application. This browser also contains a tonne of streaming websites that you can access on your TV to view movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

You may search for any website, stream your preferred videos, and cast videos to your TV with this browser. With this browser, you can search any website quickly and easily. You can also stream in high-quality from any streaming site using this software to visit any website on your Roku TV.

This app’s unique feature—high-quality video streaming—supports MP4 encoded videos. You can save any videos from any streaming service and watch them on your TV at a later time.


  • MP4 support and streaming of high-quality video.
  • Any streaming website’s live feed is available.
  • Enables you to play music on your TV using audio files.
  • Simple and tidy user interface.


  • There is no HD streaming support.
  • Battery usage has increased.

Download Web Video Caster

Web Browser X

Web Browser X

The search engine that looks for Roku devices is Web Browser X. With this browser, you may browse any website on Roku without having to jailbreak your device. To download this app on your Roku device, you must pay a monthly subscription fee.

EndangeredScreens.com developed this browser application. Roku users can now view all of the contents with certain clickable links, unlike older browsers that only displayed material when a site was opened.

This is the greatest app that is offered on the two websites and Rokuguide.com. You may download it from either of these websites, and after it has been launched on your Roku, it will have links for rapid access to CNN, Fox News, ABC News, Google News, and other news sources.

To enter a URL or to use the Google Chrome search engine, press the * button on your Roku remote control.


  • The best browser for Roku hardware
  • Scroll down rendered pages.
  • All-inclusive paid app with all the extras.
  • By inputting the URL or by using Chrome, you can browse.


  • Videos cannot be opened on websites.
  • This app costs more than similar ones.

Download Web Browser X

Google Chrome

The most popular web browser in use today is Google Chrome. It is still a favourite even though it has been accused of collecting user data. It offers customers fantastic tools to make web browsing easier. As a result, it is among the finest web browsers on Roku. It can be utilised once again by screencasting on your Roku TV with an additional device, such as Opera. Google Chrome is a must for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Following a simple connection, you may begin screen casting using the Roku device.


  • Works well on Windows and Android.
  • Multiple browsing options
  • Includes all widely used video formats.
  • Easy video streaming using C


  • Privacy concerns

POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM Web Browser

For Roku devices, POPRISM is the top browsing app. You may experience this browser with a variety of features and install it on your Roku device quite easily. This software, created by Prism, is for the Roku surfing browser.

As a text-only browser, POPRISM Web Browser is not permitted to view graphics or movies from Your Roku device. The greatest app for text-based websites, such as news, online books, informational topics, etc. is this one.

The remote’s navigation buttons function when the cursor moves up, down, left, and right. Up arrow to navigate up online, down arrow to move down online The left arrow goes 10 lines down and the right arrow moves 10 lines up when using the left and right arrow navigation keys.


  • Appropriate for text-based websites.
  • Any website can be accessed by URL.
  • The remote’s navigation keys can be used for any function.
  • Friendly UI makes it simple to use.


  • Restricted access and absence of photographs and videos.
  • Reading unformatted pages

Media Browser

Media Browser

The browser has total Roku device support. So even if the page is loaded with dense content, browsing may be done easily and without difficulty.

Therefore, you must install Media Browser Server and run it on your local network in order to use this browser with Roku TV.

Small improvements like Photo Slideshows, Remote Control, Live TV, Media Browser Apps, etc. will be added to your web browser.

A media browser is one of the useful elements of its straightforward user interface. Therefore, you won’t experience any lagging problems. You may browse and view information in a variety of pixel sizes in this browser with ease.


  • The ideal choice for watching TV, going to local movies, and playing music.
  • UI and simple-to-use buttons.
  • To stream media from your PC to a Roku-connected TV, open the applications suite.


  • It is a browser for online videos.
  • Despite the fact that the browser promises to hide its most crucial features. But the features for playing videos are absent.


If you enjoy Christmas music and are willing to listen to it, or if you want to know the weather forecast for today and every day, there are various weather channels available for streaming.

You can find what you like on Roku if you’re looking forward to playing strategy games, arcade games, or braintwisting games. You will be able to stream news channels, holiday culinary channels, grindhouse movie channels, as well as music, weather, and games.

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