How Can I Insert a Picture into a Video?

Have you ever wanted to add an image to a video? Maybe you’re planning to create a commercial or promotional video for your business, and you want to feature your logo, or perhaps you’re a YouTuber who wants to add some flair to your videos by displaying hilarious photos of your friends or family. But no matter the reason, inserting pictures into videos is relatively easy when you have the right resources.

Adding photos to your videos can help break up the monotony, add some personality, and provide additional information that may be difficult to convey with audio and video. Plus, it can be fun to get creative with your videos! For example, adding an image to a video can help protect your copyright or remove irrelevant parts. Plus, it can make your video more engaging and visually appealing.

When you’re editing a video and need to add photos or other still images, it’s easy to become frustrated because most tools are designed for adding text. Fortunately, there are ways to insert an image into your video so that you can get back to creating more compelling content. Just follow these simple steps, and your pictures will be part of your videos in no time!


Import Your Photo

The first step is to import the photo you want to use into your video editing software. This can be done by dragging and dropping the file into the software interface, clicking the Import button, and selecting the file from your computer. Once the photo has been imported, it will appear as a layer that overlays all other layers in the video editing timeline.

Add Picture to Your Videos

  1. Select the picture you want to add to your video.
  2. Drag the picture to a video track.
  3. If necessary, resize the picture by dragging one of its edges.
  4. To make the picture appear and disappear at certain times, add keyframes by double-clicking on the edge of the image.
  5. To preview your work, press the spacebar.

Customize Image Settings (Optional)

If you want to make your photo look its best in the video, you can adjust the settings before inserting it. To do this, click the Customize button in the video editing software. From here, you can change the duration of the photo, its position on the screen, crop, rotate and choose whether or not it fades in or out. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, or color saturation. To do this, open the photo in an editing program. Once you’ve customized your image, move on to the next step by clicking Done.

Edit With Transitions (Optional)

If you want to add a picture to your video, you should keep a few things in mind. First, make sure the image is high quality and edited well. You don’t want it to be grainy or have too much contrast. Second, add transitions to make the picture fit seamlessly into the video. Third, consider the placement of the photograph. Your image also needs to flow with the other content on screen. Fourth, test the transition and see if it has any weird glitches or effects that might not work with your video editing software.

Add Text, Effects, or Filters

You can add text, effects, or filters by clicking the Text button on the screen. This will open a new window where you can enter your text. You can also change the text’s font, color, and size. You can add effects such as making it blurry, adding a gradient effect, or rotating it. For example, you might want to experiment with different combinations until you find one that works for you!

Export the File

Now that you’ve added your picture, it’s time to export your file. Exporting means saving your project in a format that can be played on a computer or mobile device. To do this, click the File menu and select Export. Choose a file format and name for your new video, then click Export.


These are the reasons you might want to insert a picture into a video. It could be that you work in the video editing field, so you have to do it frequently. There is more than one way to include pictures in your video. For example, adding an image to a video can be done on a computer and a mobile phone, with different applications available to each type of device.

Using various video editing programs, you can insert a picture into a video. Each program has its way of doing things, but the basic steps are generally the same. For example, you’ll need to select the video clip you want to insert the picture into, and then you’ll need to choose the image file you want to use. Finally, you’ll need to position the image within the video clip and export the file.

Images may differ significantly from videos in many ways, but you can still put them in a video file using our guide above. You can complete the task using your selected software on your computer or phone.


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