8 Ways to Fix Instagram Something Went Wrong Error

Have you ever seen the phrase “we are sorry something went wrong. Please try again”, while browsing Reels on Instagram? Instagram may crash at this moment, but you can fix it by taking a few easy actions.

This guide will go through several solutions for fixing the Instagram “Something went wrong, please try again later” issue. This Facebook-owned social media network’s meteoric climb to stardom is unprecedented in the history of social media. It quickly gained notoriety among the general public, and its user base has been growing ever since.

As new features are added to Instagram, the app starts to run into issues. The most frequent problem appears to be that “something went wrong”. You won’t be able to use the app in any way if this happens. Even seeing the posts would be challenging, never mind uploading them. Instagram will restart with a blank screen.

Causes for Something Went Wrong Error on Instagram?

One of two things could be the reason for the Instagram error: either the service is down or there is a problem with your Internet connection.

You should first see if Instagram is down globally before assuming that it has issues. However, keep in mind that sometimes it is a general issue and other times it only affects particular areas. This Instagram problem is most frequently caused by account issues.

8 Ways to Fix Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again Later Error

What is the root source of this issue and, more importantly, how can it be resolved? Hopefully, this article can allay your worries. Here are the best solutions to fix this error.

Solution 1: Check if the Instagram Server is Working

Most of the time, Instagram server updates are to blame for this issue. Unfortunately, Instagram won’t let you know if this happens. In this case, you have no choice but to wait and try again.

Solution 2: Verify Network Connection

Wifi on phone

Your WiFi Internet connection might not be working properly. Try performing a speed test to determine the speed of your network. By lifting your router and removing any obstructions from your equipment, you can also improve your Internet connection. Place your device close to the router for a more reliable WiFi connection.

Try turning your devices on and off. Turn off and unplug your router and modem for at least a minute before re-connecting them to the Internet.

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Solution 3: Clear Instagram’s Cache Data

The usability of the application may degrade if a significant amount of temporary data (cache files) has been collected over time. Similarly, if the app’s data is corrupted or lost, the app may suffer as a result. The best course of action in each of these scenarios is to delete the data and have Instagram create a new one from scratch. Here’s how you might approach it:

  • Start by going to your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Select Instagram from the list and go to the Storage & Cache section.

clear instagram cache to fix Instagram Doesnt Let Me Post Photos

  • Tap on the Clear cache and Clear storage options.
  • After deleting the data, try signing into your account.

Solution 4: Update/Reinstall the Instagram App

Rarely, wiping the app’s data alone might not be sufficient. This is true since the setup and configuration files for the app are still there on your smartphone. As a result, you ought to think about removing all of these files to start the application over. This is how you do it:

  • Locate the Instagram app from the app drawer.
  • Long press the Instagram app and select uninstall.
  • Finally, select OK in the confirmation dialogue box.

install instagram step 5

  • Go to the Play Store and download the latest version of the app after removing it from your smartphone.

Solution 5: Use Facebook to sign in to Instagram

instagram iphone

In some circumstances, you might not be able to use Instagram using the app’s default interface. When this occurs, you ought to think about logging in with Facebook. There is simply one requirement that you must fulfil: your Instagram and Facebook accounts must be connected.

If you haven’t already, go to Settings, select Instagram, and enter your login details through a browser on your PC or device, not the app. Once both accounts are linked, take your mobile device and delete the app’s data as described in Solution 3.

We are performing this because we need to log out of Instagram and there is now no other way to do so because the app isn’t functioning. Click the login with the Facebook link when you get to the login screen. You will then be prompted to input your Facebook login information to access the app.

You’ve solved the Instagram “Something went wrong, please try again later” problem if you can use the app without any issues. You are encouraged to utilize the app through Facebook for a few more days till the issue is fixed.

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Solution 6: Use Instagram’s Web Version/Windows App

instagram web version

There is another way to access this website if you do not wish to connect your Instagram app to your Facebook account. You might sign in to your account using the Windows App as well. This is how you do it:

  • To get started, visit the Microsoft Store website.
  • Then search for Instagram and download it on your PC.
  • After that, log in to your account with your login information.

The Instagram “Something went wrong, please try again later” issue might be temporarily fixed. Additionally, this issue might be related to the Instagram app. So try accessing this service through the Windows App up till the issue is resolved.

Solution 7: Contact the Instagram Help Center

It’s time to seek help if the issue persists after completing all of the suggested actions. Maybe you keep getting these error messages because Instagram has restricted your account and you haven’t received any notice.

can t share post to bBacd

If you’ve been blocked, comparable communications will still be sent to you, and emailing the support centre is the only method to fix the situation.

Solution 8: Disable Instagram Temporarily 

Unlikely, there is a chance that your account is having one or more issues. In this situation, your best option is to temporarily disable your account before re-enabling it. This will give it a fresh instance to work with, which might help fix the root problem. Remember that you won’t be able to use your account in any way while it’s disabled.

Similar to Instagram, a disabled account would not show up in search results. The acts would also be carried out via the Instagram website. As a result, make that the website is operational and that the issue is isolated to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Instagram Constantly Say Sorry Something Went Wrong?

As was already indicated, the two primary causes could be either that the service is down or that there is an issue with your Internet connection.

On Instagram, how do I report a technical issue?

Consider updating the app if you see something that isn’t functioning properly on Instagram, such as a broken feature or a bug. You can get in touch with them if it still doesn’t function after updating.

Make sure your report includes as much information as possible regarding the circumstance. Only if you give them details like the model of the phone or tablet you were using, what you were doing when the problem happened, and a screenshot will they be able to fix it.

Does deleting your data from an Instagram account delete it?

Your profile, photographs, comments, and likes will be hidden if you temporarily disable your account until you log back in and reactivate it. Your Instagram account cannot be disabled from a mobile or desktop browser.


Instagram’s “we are sorry something went wrong. Please try again” error can provide a bad experience. Fortunately, the issue is typically resolved by reinstalling the application after deletion.

It is also possible to eliminate the problem by logging in using different apps.
The majority of the solutions we’ve provided are simple to implement and should return Instagram to normal operation.


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