5 Pros and Cons When Buying a New Tablet

It often comes down to laptops and smartphones – but there are tablets between them. Funny enough, the prototype of the tablet was depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Throughout the later half of the 20th century, there were several attempts to create a tablet, but that mobile device never hit the mass market before Apple released the iPad in 2010. 

And the 2010s saw the rise of tablets. In 2012 alone, Apple sold over 100 million iPads across the world. By 2013, Android-based tablets arrived and knocked Apple from the top spot of tablet-sellers, selling over around 180 million devices. By the end of the decade, the total sales of tablets by various developers were about 5 billion units. 

People are using tablets for various purposes. You can access the internet through them or use them as e-readers. More often than not, they are used for playing video games. It is quite possible that you are working on essays using a tablet, in case you didn’t hire a essay writer to have more free time on games. But what is a tablet? As it may run on two operating systems:

  • Desktop computer OS
  • Mobile OS

It’s somewhat hard to pinpoint the type of device. However, the tablet’s full name is a tablet computer. But it remains a bridge between PCs and mobile devices. And while it may seem that their popularity has died down, it’s alive and well. Furthermore, it experienced a resurgence after the Covid-19 pandemic. Buyers got, once again, interested in big-screen portable devices. 

This newly found interest, in case you already have a tablet, may lead to you deciding on purchasing a new one. And here you need to consider several things. Namely, the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new device, just to make sure that it’s worth doing. Let’s start with the advantages first. 

reading on mobile tablet

Latest Design

Generally, when it comes to portable devices, they can get dated in terms of design pretty fast. A thing that was new a year ago is already dated today. Well, at least in terms of design. Most likely, a new model of tablet will look more stylish. Let’s say, previously, all tablets were black, but the new hot property is gray or white. So, here you’re definitely winning when you’re buying the latest model. 

Other things related to design may include a better camera and dynamics. Now, everything is working faster and better. Don’t forget that it’s only due to the tablet being new. But, once again, if having a better camera or dynamics is the hot item of the new design, it means that it’s worth buying a new tablet. 

New Features

A new tablet is sure to have the latest features. It’s going to have a new processor, which, most likely, is going to be more powerful than the one that you have on your current tablet. A fast charging technology may be applied. Thus, the device will require, for example, just fifteen minutes to charge completely. 

New tablets can offer new forms of connectivity. For example, iPads released in 2021 offered connectivity via 5G. Thus, you may choose whether to connect to the network through Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G. Also, new models generally come with larger RAM and storage. So, you’re going to have more extra space on your new tablet compared to the one that you have now. 

Updated OS

Now, the most significant aspect of the new tablet is that it will have an updated OS. Have you wanted to install something on your current tablet, but it wasn’t compatible with it? This problem is officially over, as the new model with updated OS will surely be compatible with the app, program, or game that you want to install. 

An updated OS is also better in terms of security. Your new tablet is far less vulnerable to possible cyberattacks than your current model. The new security patches with the updated OS cover all the known holes in the device’s safety. Thus, if you decide to purchase a new model, you will ensure the security of your online activities using the tablet. 

So, here are the benefits of purchasing a new tablet. At first glance, it seems that buying the new one is totally worth it. Updated OS, new features, fresh design… Are there any possible drawbacks? Yes, when planning to buy a new device, you need to consider the disadvantages. So, let’s check them out. 

The Price

When the new device is released, it will have a high price. If you want to keep up with the trends, you can forget about discounts. You’ll pay the full official price, which can be pretty impressive. For example, you can purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 8, which will cost you around $700. 

You can also opt for the latest versions of the iPad. iPad Air will cost you around $600. The newest version of iPad Mini costs $100 less. And if you want to buy an iPad Pro, get ready to give away $800. All in all, buying the latest release is always expensive. Of course, you can wait several weeks for the hype to die down, and the prices may go down a bit. But will it count as buying a brand new one?

Getting Used to the New Model

The tablet market is quite competitive. There’s a constant rivalry between Samsung and Apple, but there are also tablets manufactured by Kindle and Amazon. Each company is trying to beat its rivals by offering a better product with new features. The OS updates can be quite confusing, and it will take time to get used to them. 

If you’re willing to get a device and continue doing the things you did on your previous model, it may not happen that easily. You also may find the new updates disappointing. And, in the end, you may end up dissatisfied with your purchase. 

Closing Thoughts

So, here you have three benefits and two downsides of purchasing a new tablet. Everything is clear with advantages. As for the drawbacks, there is a sure way to avoid them. Despite your loyalty to a manufacturer, check out the presentation of the latest model. Do some research on the rivals’ releases. Who knows, maybe, if you’re an Apple devotee, you may find that Samsung’s release better corresponds to your needs. Good luck with your choice!


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