Alternatives To NetNanny Software

NetNanny has been in operation since 2021 and has shown to be an efficient preventative tool for unauthorized access to sites. The NetNanny app runs on Windows, Android, and Apple platforms. NetNanny offers counselling services to registered customers in addition to preventing access to internet casinos. 

These services, as well as a variety of others, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on the situation. It began as a free service, but as it grew in popularity, a small annual subscription cost was added. In this article, we are about to explore some of the best alternatives to this service.



StayFocusd is an online tool that comes in handy for imposing self-exclusion from the internet as well as parental control that serves as a barrier for kids accessing adult content on the Internet. The service comes for free to people trying to get over their internet addiction. It is known for blocking a lot of websites.

Just like every other blocking service, the person registering has full control over selecting the time span, and once activated, one cannot reverse the ban unless the period of exclusion expires.  For parental control services, it allows parents to alter the setting according to their wishes using passwords. StayFocusd supports many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, etc. It was founded by an alternative dispute resolution service.


Limit is one of the most effective self-exclusion tools for browsing habits. In comparison to GamStop, it is not restricted to the UK’s borders. This extension will help you to be more productive. The drawback of this platform is that you can delete the Limit extension from your browser. Limit works on Android, Apple, and Windows tablets. For using the Limit extension, just enter the websites you want and settle a daily time limit. Limit gently alerts you when you are getting close to your time limit so you can finish.


GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme developed by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) in 2018 that is regarded as one of the most successful self-exclusion schemes accessible for UK citizens to date to avoid falling prey to gambling addiction. The GamStop self-exclusion is not something anyone likes waiting for to end, so gamers often want to cancel GamStop. Gamblers have just several ways to cancel the GamStop scheme according to this article, as self-exclusion guidelines should be followed by licensed operators.

RGA, or Remote Gambling Association, is the world’s largest gambling trade association, and their innovators made it possible for all gambling operators registered with the UK Gambling Commission to comply with the GamStop policies as a part of the law that binds these operators to work in partnership with GamStop. Despite its efficiency, GamStop is only available to UK punters. When it comes to self-exclusion programs, there are a plethora of equally effective options available. This article focuses on various solutions that can assist gamblers in getting the most out of their money.


Freedom is one of the most basic Internet blocking services accessible. It has existed since the beginning of the widespread use of Internet services. Freedom has the goal of keeping bad content out of the hands of children. Later, when the service’s ability in the sphere of online gambling was revealed, Freedom became one of the most popular self-exclusion services that help quit gambling or internet addiction. 

Freedom`s services are highly comprehensive since they are always available to deliver notifications, location tracking, expenditure filtering, screen time alerting, and a variety of other filters. Freedom is also useful If you decide to block Instagram, for example


Serene is a free macOS application compatible with desktops which helps in distracting websites on the blocklist. Unlike the other services, Serene allows the reversal of the exclusion. If a punter wants to uplift the ban, he can just delete the app. 

A few things occur when a session begins: The Serene app first displays a countdown meter, relaxing focus music starts to play, and all distracting apps are closed and disabled until your session is finished. Gamble filters are also effective if you want to block gambling sites or resist underage gambling. The brand has been under operation for the past decade and has successfully made it to the top few most preferred options when it comes to self-exclusion services. 


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