Useful Mobile Blocker Apps Compatible With GamStop

If you are worried about your gaming and you want to be prepared, now you can do it directly on your device. Earlier, thousands of players were using popular self-exclusion programs such as GamStop, but those who want to avoid it have always been able to use available options and guides that help with this issue. Here we have some of the best apps that will keep you away from gaming and gambling websites. Each app is different so you may want to check the specifics in order to find which own will work best for you.

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Gamblock has been with us since 2000 and it is known as one of the best apps of this kind. It is ideal for users, but also for companies. The main advantage is in the algorithm. What this means is that the app will test the site and if gambling is available, it will block access to it. This means that you cannot visit sites that offer any form of gambling or betting. The app is not free but it does work well and you can install it on most devices used today. 

Installation and configuring the app is a simple and fast process you can complete in no time. We also liked the fact that the app is powerful and there is no way around it. In other words, once installed, you cannot remove it until the specific terms are met.


  • Uses an algorithm to block sites
  • Easy to use
  • Works on most devices
  • Ideal for businesses and companies


  • Poor customer support
  • May block sites that don’t offer gambling games 


GamBan is precisely the app we all like and may need at some point. It is available for Android and iOS devices but you can also use it on a computer. There is no need to add that you can use the app on most tablets. It is a database-based app. What this means is that the app has a database that contains gambling sites.

There are over 13.000 websites in the database. Once you install it, the app will block access to all of these sites. In addition, the app will block different gaming sites, casinos, sports betting sites, slot sites, and bingo sites. In recent times, it added cryptocurrency platforms to the database and going to extend its list even further.

The app is not free and you will need to pay for a subscription. But, you have a free trial you can use to learn how the app works and what you can get from it. It is not possible to remove the app until the duration you have selected expires.


  • Covers over 13.000 websites
  • Blocks sites with UKGC, MGA, and many other licenses
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • A free trial is available
  • Works on all major operating systems


  • It is not a free method
  • Covers only the device where you have installed the app 


This is a popular app so we believe you have heard about it already. The app also has a database it will use to block most of the sites. It will block UK and casinos that don’t have UK licences. This is a huge advantage and something you may want to use. The app is easy to use and it runs on most operating systems. You can install it on any Android or iOS device and it will start blocking the sites immediately. 

An interesting advantage here is that the app will block access to promotions, ads, and anything that is related to gambling and betting online. There are countless advantages here and the app works well the lack of a better word. Users can choose the duration of the ban. For instance, you can choose 2 months only or you can choose 5 years. This is ideal for people who want to distance themselves from gambling for a long period of time. 


  • Blocks UK and Non-UK sites
  • You can choose how long the block will last
  • Has advanced parental controls
  • Works well on most devices
  • The terms are flexible


  • Only works on the device where it was installed
  • More features than other apps can make it more complicated
  • Has a database that is not the best method here 


Here we have another app that is successful and will help you with this issue. It was released in 2020 which makes it one of the newest apps of this kind you can install on Android or iOS. Keep in mind that here you can manually block any website you like that is about gambling or betting. This is an appealing advantage for people who want to block additional websites and stay safe. 

We also like the fact the app starts working as soon as you install it. There is no need to wait 24 hours and it will start blocking websites (this is how GamStop works). You cannot remove the app from the targeted device and you will have to update the database on a regular basis.


  • You can block sites manually
  • Cannot be removed before the duration you have selected expires
  • Works on most devices


  • There are some loopholes around it
  • It is only available in paid form 

The Final Word

These apps are helpful and they can make a massive difference between you with issues and you without it. With the integration of mobile devices and technologies in our lives, these apps can be extremely useful for many users. As such, try to understand each app and how it works. Then, install the one you like and use it. You will be protected from the main issue here and you will have the time to work on your problem and solve it. Then, you are ready to gamble more. 


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