UPDF – The Incredible PDF Reader, Annotator, & Converter

UPDF is one of the leading PDF software in the industry. The audience is inquisitive about what makes it the best PDF software across all platforms and how it can increase productivity by assisting you with your PDF tasks. 

So, let’s learn about the exciting and incredible features of UPDF that you may not know!

Universal Account on All Devices

In addition to other useful features of UPDF, you can also get accessibility at its peak. It is one of the qualities of UPDF, which makes it universal. You can use a single account across all platforms of UPDF. The robust and valuable tools of UPDF are available for four popular platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Plus, the best part is that you can access the Windows version by using the account you use for iOS and vice versa. Unlike other competitors, you don’t have to create a separate account for each platform. You’ll be able to use the same account as Windows for PDF editor for Mac.


Productive and Innovative Editing Features

UPDF has plenty of valuable and convenient tools, making editing much easier and more manageable. With UPDF, you don’t have to switch from software to software for various tasks; just use UPDF, and you’ll find all the essential tools. 

UPDF lets you edit texts and images in PDFs that other competitors fail to provide without costing you a fortune. So, here’s what you need to know about the editing features of UPDF.

Edit Images

UPDF makes it easy and accessible to edit images in no time. You can use the PDF editor for Mac or Windows to edit images like a pro. You can add a new page in PDF and replace an old image whenever you like. Plus, you can edit the image in the existing PDF in various ways, like cropping, rotating, resizing, and deleting.

Edit Text

This PDF editor for windows and other platforms allows you to edit text without trouble. It allows you to add new text or edit existing text and change its font parameters like color, style, size, etc. You can cut, copy, replace, and extract text from the PDF files by using UPDF.

Edit Pages

UPDF is not just an efficient PDF editor but also an organizer. By using UPDF, you can add, remove, extract, replace, crop, and rotate pages. Moreover, you can use the split document function to create new smaller PDF files from a PDF document.


Delightful Reading Experience with Annotating Tools

UPDF is no wonder the classic Adobe Acrobat alternative that anyone can purchase at a low cost. UPDF has an attractive and innovative UI, making it an elite among PDF software.

PDF Reader and Viewer

You can use UPDF to view and read your files in four ways: single/double page scrolling and viewing. In addition, you can use the slide show mode to get rid of all the distractions. 

Users can swiftly jump to the various pages by the navigation toolbar and zoom in and out for a clear view. Also, you can open multiple files in a single window, just like a browser. It will save you a lot of time that can be wasted by reopening multiple files.

Annotate PDF


UPDF has fantastic and resourceful features for annotation. UPDF annotation tools can add comments by typewriter, sticky note, and textbox. You can highlight, strikethrough, underline, and add a squiggly line to your text. On top of it, you can add various shapes like oval, square, star, and more to make it appear more attractive and appealing.

There is also a pencil and eraser functionality that you can use to write on your PDF files freely. Plus, you can add over 100 stickers to your file for an incredible reading experience.

Moreover, UPDF allows you to label your PDF files as confidential, revised, etc., to give them a unique characteristic, unlike other files of the same content. This PDF editor for Mac can help you sign your PDF file via E-signature functionality. All of these features in a single platform genuinely make it an incredible PDF software among the competitors.

Fast PDF Conversion via OCR

We all know that converting PDF files into other formats has always been troublesome. We have to search for various web services to convert PDF files. Not anymore! Using UPDF, you can convert PDF files into other formats accurately. UPDF enables you to convert PDF files into 14 different formats. Whether in image format (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc.) or presentation (.pptx) format, you can do all the conversions, saving you a lot of time. 

Also, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool converts scanned PDF files into an editable and searchable format. The OCR technology uniquely identifies each character on your scanned document and converts it into real text with 100% accuracy. Now, scanned files will be able to edit the way you want, without any trouble.


Why Do You Need UPDF

UPDF doesn’t claim that it’s the best PDF software across all platforms; it proves it! Here are some exciting things about UPDF which can convince you why you should use UPDF.

Stunning and Convenient User-Interface

You might say you can use traditional PDF software like Adobe Acrobat and Preview. However, these were good till 2010! Now, they cannot offer you the innovative features and attractive design you are looking for. UPDF is not just resourceful but also has a pleasing and aesthetic design, which checks all the boxes that you may look for in PDF software.


Purchasing software shouldn’t mean investing your whole finances in a single place. That’s exactly what UPDF’s motto is. They have affordable price plans that even students can effortlessly purchase on their own.

Protects Your PDF

These days, PDF security is highly crucial. You can use UPDF to add open and permission passwords to your files to protect others from invading and copying your content.

Quick and Responsive Developer’s Support

The UPDF’s team is 24/7 invested in bringing the best tools to their audience. They try to enhance and bring new features to make working on PDF more fun and manageable.

All-in-one Platform

You don’t need to install and pay for separate software. Instead, you can use UPDF to perform all the tasks without feeling anxious about the various payments that you have to make.

It’s Offline

You don’t have to worry about poor connection, as UPDF got you! You can access all the features of UPDF without an internet connection.

Free PDF Editor

UPDF is also a free PDF editor, allowing you try all features without paying a single penny! Also, you can convert five times in total by using the free version.

Final Thoughts

By reading this Superace UPDF review, you might be able to configure what UPDF can offer you. We stated facts about the software that not all the PDF software out there can offer, there is also exclusive big discount for you. So the decision is yours. We hope this review helped you understand the features and functionality of UPDF in an unambiguous way.


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