Turtlebox Speaker Review: A Portable Sound System That Can Go Anywhere

Technology is a part of our everyday lives and it has aided us hugely in many aspects of our day-to-day lives – be it how we communicate with one another or listen to our music.

If you want a speaker that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality in portability, then the Turtlebox may be just what you need.

With IP67 water resistance, rugged build quality and awesome audio, it’s one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers you’ll find. Find out more in our hands-on review, which can help you decide if it’s right for your outdoor adventures!

Turtlebox Overview

The Turtlebox is a powerful speaker with high-end audio quality and a rugged build. It’s paired with a single marine-grade 6 x 9-inch driver and a 1.25-inch tweeter, which gives it superb sound quality.

The 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery will give you up to 20 hours of music playback or 6 hours at the maximum volume before it needs recharging. You can use the speaker as a power bank for other devices or for voice assistants like Alexa!

There are two main connector options for smoothly connecting TurtleBox speakers: Bluetooth, which allows you to connect through wireless transmission as well as stereo pairing, and an analog 3.5mm auxiliary input which is concealed under a gasket cap, in order to maintain the speaker’s IP67 waterproof rating.

The highly portable, LED-illuminated Turtlebox is the ultimate home speaker of your dreams. Its specially designed, dual USB Type-C jacks offer fast charging, while its volume and music playback controls are convenient via its LED-illuminated control pad.

The entire speaker–which is made of heavy duty plastic–is 11.5 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches in size with a 10-pound weight.

Turtlebox Specs

  1. IP67 dust-, water, and impact- resistant.
  2. 85 watt-hour 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery.
  3. Tie-down anchors
  4. 10 pounds in weight.
  5. Available in white, original green, field tan, gray and blue color.
  6. 11.5 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches in Dimensions.
  7. 6 x 9-inch marine-grade speaker with 1 x 1.25-inch tweeter.
  8. Rubber feet and rubber handle.
  9. Music playback and onboard volume control.
  10. Bluetooth stereo pairing.

Speaker Design and Build Quality

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The durable, outdoor-ready Turtlebox portable Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a lunchbox and comes equipped with a rubber handle for easy portability. Its plastic construction paired with stainless steel screws gives it excellent resistance to corrosion.

This Turtlebox speaker is sleek and beautiful. The 1.25 inch tweeter, 6 x 9-inch marine-grade polypropylene speaker cone, illuminated control pad, Bluetooth pairing key and stereo button ensure the best possible audio experience.

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For even more convenience, the USB-C ports and auxiliary 3.5mm input jack allow you to plug in a variety of different devices for synchronization. There’s also a handle and screw cap gasket that conceals USB-C ports and an auxiliary 3.5mm input jack so you can carry your music with you or have it charging at all times!

The Turtlebox includes tie-downs so that it can be secured to a boar or truck. The large rubber feet on the bottom of the device keep it elevated and make standing a breeze.

At 11.5 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches, this speaker is about the perfect size and weighs just 10 pounds, making it easy to travel with. You’ll get an IP67 rating from this speaker that makes it survive water submersion for up to 30 minutes.

Power Bank & Stereo Pairing

The Turtlebox comes with a few neat features beyond its audio playback abilities. Its large battery can power the speaker and charge other devices, and it did just that for me – I was able to charge my phone with the Turtlebox.

The amazing thing about the Turtlebox speakers is that we can connect a pair of them so you’d have dedicated left and right channels. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to personally test out this functionality, although with the quality sound from just one speaker, two together should be even better.

Sound Quality

The Turtlebox audio is absolutely glorious. It’s an audiophile-caliber device that will brilliantly play music at high volumes without any sign of distortion. That said, if you’re looking for Bluetooth speakers with high volume without distortion, this is the perfect pick.

Although its main draw is music, the Turtlebox speaker has enough features to also impress movie and TV lovers while they’re at it.

I paired the Turtlebox with my Xgimi Halo projector for a movie night outside, and was impressed by its fantastic bass response, vocal clarity, and even some wow-worthy mid-range handling.

Despite not being able to test out its stereo pairing, you can even achieve dedicated left and right channels with the Turtlebox.

Who Should Buy the Turtlebox?

For outdoor and audio enthusiasts, the Turtlebox is a worthwhile purchase. With its sturdy design and durable build, alongside its splashproof, dust-resistant quality and sound system, it’s an ideal speaker to bring with you on your next adventure – or any time that needs a little boost in power!

Even film buffs should consider the Turtlebox. It’s also perfect for pairing with a projector to enjoy movie nights in your backyard.

FInal Verdict

I am confident in the Turtlebox’s toughness and water-resistance due to it’s tough exterior and solid construction. It helped me get through many tough conditions, from the beach to a poolside happy hour. The device survived even a few drops of rain.

People expect a lot from speakers built to be outdoorsy, while they often neglect the audio dimension. But with The Turtlebox, you’ll never have to worry about quality ever again.

With durable materials and high-quality components like a ruggedized speaker cabinet, it will prove itself in both areas of excellence.

I just love how this portable speaker sounds. It has a full richness, excellent mid-high-low performance, and it’s great for booming out music and movies without muddy sound quality.

The Turtlebox is a great portable Bluetooth speaker that offers stellar sound quality and weather-resistant construction. Whether you’re at the beach, throwing a poolside party, or simply want to go on a road trip — the Turtlebox is an absolute must have!

Turtlebox Alternatives

  • The Soundcast VG7 is a rugged loudspeaker that can get pretty loud and features a high-quality Bluetooth connection. However, for less money with a better waterproof rating, the Turtlebox might be worth considering.
  • The Treblab FX100 is one of the best affordable Bluetooth speakers out there. It includes a great design and plenty of features for your buck.
  • For those more interested in a more traditional boombox-style form factor, the JBL Xtreme 3 offers IP67 waterproofing and multi-speaker pairing. Although, Its battery life isn’t quite as long as the Turtlebox.
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