Which Device Has the Best Games? Apple Vs Android Compared

It’s a battle that’s been going on almost as long as smartphones have been around. Which is better, Apple or Android? It’s a difficult discussion to have because both sides tend to have their own ‘fanboys’ which stops people talking in an objective fashion. We’re going to try and look at things in an objective manner and work out once and for all which platform is best for gamers.

Shooting Games

To put it simply, we couldn’t choose between either side for this section. There are just as many excellent shooter games for both Apple and Android devices. It means that if you’re a fan of shoot-em-ups then you will be able to enjoy a range of excellent games on both operating systems.

The only area where Android goes slightly ahead is in terms of affordability. Android devices that can run the best shoot-em-ups are much cheaper than Apple devices. So, if you want to play Apex Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile on a budget Android is likely to be the choice that you make.

Casino Games

This is where Android devices start to push ahead of Apple devices somewhat. The browser compatibility for Android devices is much higher than that on Apple devices. On top of this, there tends to be more casino apps available on the Android store than on the Apple one. It does mean that if you’re a fan of casino games, Android should be the device for you. This has been the case for quite a while as well, with Apple often being quite stringent in regards to casino apps.

However, both systems do offer excellent security for players who use casino sites. So, you don’t have to worry about issues no matter which device you use. More information can be found on onlinecasinosrealmoney mobile casino page.

Strategy Games

Many feel that strategy games aren’t really compatible with mobile devices. Those people would be extremely wrong. The touchscreen on modern mobile devices is perfect for fast paced strategy battles. You can control what you want your characters to do during the game, with just a simple touch. Each of the different games that are available on both Apple and Android devices have the similar control schemes in place, which is a benefit of playing using a touch screen.

Both devices have some incredible strategy games available to players. Command & Conquer is an excellent example of a strategy game that’s available on both devices. It provides an experience that’s similar to the classic game in all of its pomp. Both versions of the game are absolutely excellent but the Apple version is slightly better than the Android one. It means that if you want to enjoy Command & Conquer in its best form then the Apple version is the best one to pick up.

It’s not the only strategy game that’s available on devices though. XCOM and Frostpunk are both fantastic strategy games that can be enjoyed on either mobile device. Both versions of these games are equally high quality, so if these are the games you’re looking for you can get the same amount of enjoyment no matter which one you decide to play.

RPG Games

RPG games are the most well represented genre of games on mobile devices. There are a huge number of different titles available, which ensures that players can enjoy different worlds while they are on the go. Of course, the RPG is perfect for playing on mobile due to the slower nature of the gameplay. It means that players can easily enjoy the game without having to worry about the controls. When it comes to RPG titles both devices have a great selection to enjoy. Android devices are slightly better than Apple devices when it comes to RPGs. The main reason for this is due to the number of games that Android has available when compared to Apple.

This is because Android tends to have a much simpler process to get games onto the app store. It allows for a much wider variety of games to be available to players. It ensures that RPG titles can be enjoyed to a much higher level when playing with Android devices.

Despite Android having a better selection of RPG games than Apple titles, there is one top class game that can be enjoyed across both platforms. Diablo: Immortal is an action RPG that provides players with some of the best hack and slash action around. On top of that it’s a free to play game. This means that players don’t have to worry about spending too much money in order to play the game. It’s massively enjoyable and full of action.

The Benefits to Both Devices

There are benefits to playing on both Apple and Android. The biggest benefit to playing on an Android device is that it is usually available for a lower price than Apple devices. There are some excellent Android mobile devices available that are highly affordable. The price is significantly lower for Android devices from smaller electronic companies. This means that if you’re on a tight budget, an Android is a much more desirable purchase.

Added to this Android devices tend to have a wider range of different games available. This is due to the easier access to the Play Store than the Apple app store. It ensures that there are more games, and more free to play games, for players who choose the Android to play on. This wider range of choice is what also makes Android devices slightly better value for money on the whole.

Apple devices do have advantages of their own though. They tend to be able to get more from slightly weaker hardware than Android devices do. This is because the iOS is designed specifically for the Apple hardware. As opposed to the Android hardware which is created to run on a variety of devices, the iOS is created to get the absolute most from the technology on offer. It means that Apple devices can often give higher levels of performance to players even if the baseline specifications seem to be lower than on Android offerings.



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