Top 10 Retro Games That Will Transport You Back In Time

As the gaming industry has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, the quality of gameplay and graphics has improved significantly. However, some of the retro games are still pretty fascinating and provide us with a trip down memory lane while also reminding us of how far we have come.

So, let’s take a look at the top ten retro games which will transport you back in time.

Super Mario

Super Mario was developed by Nintendo and was initially launched back in 1985. Since then, the gaming series has undergone numerous revisions and currently ranks fifth on the list of best-selling video games. Players have to complete a series of steps to clear levels within a set time limit.

The game’s music was particularly appealing and well-received by players. Even today, when you play the title, the music brings back so many memories. The overall experience was augmented by a plethora of collectables that enhanced the character’s power and size. Because the Super Mario franchise was so popular, several sequels were also created over the years.


The next game on this list is Tetris, which is unique in that it did not have any special graphics or animations, but the game’s unique dynamics made it highly immersive. Players had to arrange the tetrominoes falling from the top of the screen and when a row of identical tetrominoes was completed, it got cleared & disappeared.

Players had to keep the tetrominoes from reaching the top of the playing area because if they reached the top, the gaming session ended. The game was also available in multiplayer mode, so gamers could enjoy it with friends.

Tetris became so popular over the years that it set the record of becoming the most ported game in the world.


Snake is a gaming title that most players would remember enjoying on their Symbian-powered Nokia mobile phones. The gaming session began with a small-sized snake that was controlled by players. They had to feed dotted objects to their snake to increase the gameplay score, and when they did so, the snake increased in size. The game ended when the snake’s head made contact with any other part of the snake’s body.

Pac Man

No list of top retro games can be complete without Pac-Man. This popular game, first released in the 1980s, featured a yellow-coloured character. Players had to move Pac-Man around for consuming all of the dots in the play area. The catch was that you had to avoid getting in contact with the various enemy characters because if you did so, Pac-Man lost a life. Each gaming session ended when all of the lives expired.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter was a pioneer in the fighting game genre, with the first version released in 1987. In the years that followed, the game became extremely popular. As a result, many editions were released following the initial version.

You could select from a variety of fighters and then use various special moves to knock out opponents while staying within the time limit. The better you performed, the higher the awarded score. Players challenged each other not only to win more matches but also to achieve more “High Scores.”

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is another well-known retro game. This action-adventure title has been around since 1986 and several versions of the gaming series have been offered to players. The title celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, but gamers still enjoy it because it continues to provide action-packed sessions. 

The gameplay’s plot revolved around a Hylian, named Link, and the magical princess Zelda. They fight to save Hyrule from the evil Ganon, which required them to face several opponents of various sizes and types.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This game was first released in 1991 by Sega as a direct competitor to Nintendo’s Mario. Players took control of Sonic, a blue-coloured super-fast hedgehog, and tried to stop a mad scientist named Doctor Eggman from carrying out his evil plans.

Sonic The Hedgehog has been a resounding hit for Sega, with the company earning over $6 billion from the game’s sales of over 140 million units.

Klondike Solitaire

Those who used the Windows 3.0 operating system released by Microsoft in 1990 will instantly recognise the name Klondike Solitaire. That’s because this game was included for free with this version of Windows. The main reason for Solitaire’s success is that it was included with every Windows version released by Microsoft until Windows 8, which meant that millions of people all over the world enjoyed this gaming title.

The best part was that Solitaire, just as a card game should be, was neither too easy nor too hard. With a success rate of around 48%, players felt challenged by the game, which kept them coming back for more Klondike Solitaire. 

The game was quite simple to enjoy and most players reported that they just couldn’t stop themselves from enjoying it. Visit Play Solitaire to try it out.

Metal Gear

Metal Gear was launched in 1987, and with numerous versions released in the years since, the game has a fan base of millions of players. 

Players controlled a character named Solid Snake, a member of the FOXHOUND Special Forces group. The fictional game took place in a post-Cold War setting in which players infiltrated an enemy base, located Gray Fox, and then destroyed Metal Gear, the code name for the nuclear-equipped tank capable of engaging in all types of combat and launching nuclear weapons from any location. As a gamer, you had to destroy Metal Gear before it reached its completion stage for making the world a safe place. 


Tekken, which was released in 1994, is the last game on the list of the top ten retro games.

This fighting video game allowed gamers to select their favourite fighter from a large pool of characters. The game provided players with a much higher level of fighting command by allowing them to control the character’s four limbs independently. Gamers could also choose between one and five rounds, as well as the timer for each round. The player with the most health at the end of the fight won the game.

Overall, the game was highly entertaining, which was one of the primary reasons for the title’s success.

Final Verdict

All of the games mentioned above were the best options in their respective categories at the time. Even today, playing these games transports us back in time and brings back pleasant memories. So, if you want to play the best retro games from the past, the titles on the list above are the way to go.


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