iPhone Vs. Android: How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You

In this technology-driven age, Android versus Apple is one of the big battles. The question of whether you should opt for an iPhone or an Android model when replacing your Smartphone is one that everyone must consider.

The two are fighting it out for supremacy and that has been a good thing for consumers. It has led to constant upgrades and advances from both as they try to get ahead of the competition.

That means the debate over which is superior as an overall operating system continues to rage. There are Smartphone users who swear by each of them, but there are clear reasons to favor the Android operating system.

Android or iOS

android vs ios

Both of these operating systems have supporters who are dedicated to them and that is because both have their advantages. Even the most diehard Android Smartphone enthusiast will likely acknowledge that iOS is a faster and smoother running system than Android for the most part.

That is despite the fact that the Qualcomm processors found in most Android Smartphones offer more raw power than their Apple rivals. Apple Smartphones are still quicker and smoother because the closed ecosystem means the processors are optimized solely for its products.

By contrast, Android processors must work on tablets and Smartphones produced by multiple manufacturers. So that is a win for Apple.

Then again, when you look at the share of the market currently enjoyed by each operating system, Android is miles out in front. It has 79.3% of the worldwide market while Apple and iOS is left with just 16.9%.

The numbers do not lie, so there must be clear reasons why so many people are choosing phones that run on the Android operating system. These are some of the key features that make it popular.

Greater individual control

The degree to which a user can personalize their iPhone is pretty limited, beyond changing the home screen picture. Android gives people far more options when it comes to setting up their device to their own preferences and this is an individualistic generation.

More accessible peripherals

The fact that there is a standard USB port on all Android phones makes connecting peripheral devices like headphones a lot easier. Apple users must buy peripheral devices that can connect to the Lightning port it manufactures.

Open system

Apple remains a totally closed ecosystem. While that can help when it comes to virus protection, it is pretty easy to guard against viruses these days.

The disadvantages are much greater because battles between Apple and app developers can stop iPhone owners from being able to use those apps.

A key example of that was the popular Fortnite game when Apple fell out with the creator studio Epic. Android being an open ecosystem ensures that will never happen.

Gaming features

That last point is the most important because gaming is one of the more popular smartphone activities now. Smartphones like Android are being used all over the world for mobile gaming, with smartphone users participating in casual gaming habits. 

Mobile gaming is growing at a rapid rate due to the convenience it brings. There are now many gaming niches available on mobile devices where players can play their favourite games such as mobile bingo. Bingo is a popular game now typically played online at a variety of online bingo providers.

Most types of online bingo providers have made their sites mobile compatible or created mobile apps as they know their target market likes convenience and easy access to bingo games. By being accessible on mobile, players can easily access bingo games and play on the go which is the same as other gaming niches, all contributing to the success of mobile gaming.

At a time when mobile gaming is a fast-growing industry and people want the easiest possible access to hot games, that is a big plus for Android. Gaming specs are one of the fiercest areas of competition between Android and Apple because gamers represent such a big slice of the mobile phone market.

The dominance of Android suggests that it is winning that competition at the moment. There are certainly a number of key gaming features in its favour.

  • Change the refresh rate

The majority of cutting-edge Smartphones that run on Android come with the option to set a screen refresh rate. Switching it to the highest one available provides the best possible visual quality when playing games

  • Switch off Force 4x

That might seem odd given that Force 4x was created to enhance gaming visuals, but it can also lead to lagging and battery drains. Ditching it and re-setting the refresh rate will solve the visual issue without affecting game’s performance in other areas.

  • Get booster apps

Android now provides apps that are specially designed to make mobile game’s performance as smooth as possible. They optimize the device for gaming, including switching off distracting notifications.

  • Set up Game Mode and Game Dashboard

The latest version of the operating system – Android 12 – comes with brand new features called Game Dashboard and Game Mode. The first one lets people get to important functions like Youtube streaming, recording and screenshotting, without having to leave the game. 

The Game Mode feature enables functions that are particularly important for gaming like the lifespan of the battery to be optimized for maximum performance. It is limited to Google Pixel phones right now but is sure to get a wider rollout soon.

All this means that Android phones still have a clear edge in gaming terms, but they are also better than iOS when it comes to cloud integration. iCloud is riddled with glitches at a time when more online services are moving to the cloud.

Although both operating systems have plus points, we feel that Android continues to hold the advantage in many important respects. It is better for gaming right now, due to it being an open rather than closed ecosystem and more advanced games functionality, but also leads iOS in terms of cloud integration.


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