3 Ways to Find SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number (Updated 2022)

In today’s world, with multiple SIM cards and affordable call rates, there are no limits on who can call you or from where. So, for security purposes, you may want to know the details of the person calling you from a certain number.

These details are collected when you decide to buy a SIM card. Government regulations limit the number of SIM cards you can register to your name and official ID to only five.

While purchasing a SIM card to get access to a network in your name, you are required to submit the following details:

  1. Your registered ID proof
  2. Home address

Suppose you need to change your network for some reason, then you have to still maintain your details to have a legal connection.

If you are looking to get information about a user’s name, email-id, and address, through their phone number, there are a few simple methods you can try:


Mobile Number Tracking Apps

I’m sure you are not new to the world of apps like Truecaller, ShowCaller, & similar others. There is hardly any person who does not have one of these apps on their phone.

These are some of the most popular apps for identifying callers from unknown numbers. Apps like Truecaller save us from spam calls & harassment. Not only does Truecaller show you the name of the caller, but you can also see the image of the person, in most cases.

Truecaller also helps you in getting information about the user’s email ID & lets you block spammers in advance in its premium package. Truecaller is providing 3 premium plans for its users – Premium Connect, Premium Family, & Premium Gold at different rates annually. 

These premium plans come with no ads & you can also take advantage of the Gold Caller ID with the Truecaller Premium Gold plan.

If you are unaware of the workings of these apps, then below is a quick guide to help you figure out:

  • Install the Truecaller app on your device.
  • Create an account on Truecaller with your own phone number & select a username that will appear to others when they check out your user details.
  • Now, if you wish to check a specific SIM card owner’s identity, just enter the number in the search field of the app.

Find SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number truecaller

  • Truecaller will automatically find the user details .
  • Besides, you can also see an image of the user, if they have set a profile picture.
  • Also, if it is a fraudulent call, the app provides you with information on when the majority of calls are made, how many people have reported the number, and other helpful information.

So, this is the easiest way to find out about a caller. Truecaller also helps in showing the caller ID by drawing over other apps like messaging. You can know who is calling without even going to the app. It will show you live who is calling, provided you have an internet connection.

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Check Digital Payment Apps

This is neither the ideal way of getting details of a SIM card owner nor are these apps created for fulfilling these purposes. But, this can prove to be a useful option & you will thank me later!

If you are a citizen of India, certainly you are aware of the rule that your bank account is linked to your registered mobile number. So, when a user creates a UPI account in one of the digital payment apps, they need to input their phone number to carry out transactions.

Find SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number using payment apps

Thus, you can use these apps to learn about the user of a particular SIM card.

You have the option of checking the number & knowing a person’s registered name from Gpay, Phonepe, & Paytm.

However, this is not the usual choice of people for this motive.

SIM Card Owner Details Finder

There are numerous free tools available online that you can use to find the details of the SIM card owner. A few of these tools also help you find the person’s live location on Google Maps.

If your phone was lost or stolen, SIM Card Finder can be the best tool to locate the phone at that specific time. Additionally, you can detect the registered name of the SIM owner & stay careful from any fraud calls & harassers.

Well, here are a few steps that you need to follow to find the details of a SIM card user –

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection 
  • Use a smart device to search for the details of the SIM user
  • You can type ‘SIM Card Details Finder’ in your search bar
  • There will be various websites offering a free tool that you can use to derive information
  • Just type the number correctly in the box given 
  • Click on the search button & within the blink of an eye, you can find the details of the user
  • Keep in mind to mention the country code while typing the phone number

These simple steps will help you find the basic details of the SIM card owner without any hassle.

Is it Safe to Get Information about SIM Card Users from their Mobile Numbers?

Yes, it is absolutely safe & legal to get the basic knowledge & details about a particular caller from their SIM Card numbers. Oftentimes, you need to know who is calling before answering & it also saves you from going through unnecessary unpleasant experiences.

As long as you don’t use the details for unethical purposes, it is totally fine to use the above methods for finding information about the owner of a SIM card.


Remember, using the details of a user for illegitimate purposes is a serious offense & you can face grave penalties for this. We do not encourage the implementation of our methods for searching for a SIM card owner’s information & using it for the wrong purposes.

Apps like Truecaller, and ShowCaller, & digital apps are only to help you stay careful & safe from fraudulent calls, misbehavior, or any other unpleasant experience.

Let us know if this article helped you in any way & stay tuned in for more!



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