5 Best Mobile Puzzle Games Out Right Now

Engaging in puzzle games is a pretty effective way to relax and improve your brain function.

They give us a challenging and interesting experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Puzzle games have become a go-to genre for many mobile gamers as smartphones have become increasingly prevalent.

The best thing about puzzle games is that individuals of all ages and proficiency levels can enjoy them.

The most amazing thing is that everyone, regardless of skill level, can find a puzzle game to their individual preferences.

These apps can strengthen your intellectual capabilities, such as memory, focus, and problem-solving skills, in addition to being exciting methods of spending time.

However, with so many puzzle programs available, determining which ones are worth your time and engagement can be difficult.

That’s where this conversation fits in.

We will explore the top five Android puzzle apps based on user feedback, downloads & ratings.

These programs provide a number of puzzles, from straightforward brainteasers to challenging tasks that demand strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

You can select one that matches your hobbies and preferences because they have various themes and styles.

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Hitman GO

The popular mobile game, Hitman GO was built by Square Enix.

It is accessible on a number of systems, including Android.

In this game, you will have to assume the role of renowned assassin Agent 47 in a turn-based strategic puzzle.

The game has a number of difficult rounds, each with a special puzzle to solve.

You must use strategy and logic to get Agent 47 through each stage while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

The game is simple to install and play thanks to its engaging gameplay mechanics and minimal graphics, and it will keep you amused for hours, kudos to its tricky puzzles.

A variety of diverse game modes are additionally included in Hitman GO, such as a daily challenge mode and a “granny challenge” mode that raises the level of difficulty and brings in new challenges.

All in all, Hitman GO is an entertaining and demanding strategy game that puts a fresh spin on the Hitman saga.

It is an outstanding game for puzzle players and fans of the Hitman series because of its engaging gameplay mechanics, challenging puzzles, and diverse modes of gameplay.

I’m a Puzzle

I’m-a-puzzle is a puzzle game website that provides an interesting and enjoyable method to engage your brain.

It is accessible on a number of systems, including Android.

The puzzles in the game include jigsaw puzzles, slide puzzles, and memorization games.

You can choose from a variety of difficulty levels to suit your preferences & needs.

In addition to this, the tasks are updated frequently, so you can be sure of never running out of new issues to resolve.

You can also personalize the game by uploading your own pictures and building your own puzzles.

Furthermore, you can easily customize the game’s options to your personal preferences.

For example, you can keep changing the sound and music volume or disable the timer for a slower pace.

I’m-a-puzzle is a fantastic method to relax after a hard day’s work or to keep your mind active when you’re idle.

It’s a must-have game for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages largely owing to its extensive array of problems, customizable settings, and user-friendly interface.

The Eyes of Ara

The popular strategy game The Eyes of Ara was created by 100 Stones Interactive.

It is accessible on a number of systems, including Android.

The game has stunning visuals and an intriguing plot that centers on a mysterious castle with hidden passageways and riddles.

In this game, your main job is to explore the castle and solve a number of different challenging puzzles in order to discover its secrets.

Because of the puzzles’ skillful design and variation in intensity, gamers of all skill levels will be engaged.

The Eyes of Ara’s use of augmented reality (AR) technology is one of its unique aspects.

Players can use the camera on their device to scan actual items to find new puzzles and game secrets.

In-game hints are also provided in the game to help you solve a particular challenge you may have a problem with.

The ability to save achievements and resume playing at any moment makes it simple for players to resume the game at any time.

The Eyes of Ara is a game that both puzzle fans and adventure game fans should play because of its captivating plot, difficult tasks, and innovative AR technology.


A simple logic game called Linelight was created by My Dog Zorro.

The game has basic graphics and a calming soundtrack that produce a tranquil and fascinating ambiance.

You guide a small line through a series of increasingly challenging mazes in Linelight.

You must use logic and strategy to progress through each stage while avoiding dangers and obstacles.

There are more than 200 stages in the game, and each one presents different obstacles and puzzles.

New features and challenges are added as players advance through the game, keeping it interesting and new.

Therefore, Linelight is a brilliantly made puzzle game that presents an exceptional and tricky gaming experience.

It’s a game that puzzle fans and minimalist game fans equally can enjoy because of its straightforward graphics, soothing soundtrack, and simple gameplay mechanics.

One Hand Clapping

The musical platform game One Hand Clapping was created by Bad Dream Games.

You need to use your voice to answer puzzles & undoubtedly, this proves to be an innovative concept in the game.

Players must use their voices to revive the world’s lost music in the game, which itself is set in this fictional setting.

You can also alter the environment and interact with different items in the game world by singing, humming, or speaking into the device’s microphone.

One Hand Clapping’s puzzles are cleverly designed, and in order to move forward, you must use your imagination and try various sounds.

With its vibrant hues and unique settings, the game’s artwork is also stunning and fascinating.

One Hand Clapping is an original and creative game that presents a new perspective on a puzzle game.

It is possibly the best game for puzzle and music lovers simultaneously due to its voice controls, original puzzles, and beautiful art style.


To sum up, puzzle games make for a popular and entertaining category of mobile games that present a wide range of distinctive gaming experiences and possibilities.

There is a puzzle game for every player, from creative games like One Hand Clapping to minimalist games like Linelight.

The puzzle game genre has something to give regardless of whether you enjoy strategy games, platformers, or music games.


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