List of Fake Data Entry Jobs to Avoid Across India

The internet is filled with countless websites claiming to offer legitimate data entry jobs, but the truth is that a whopping 95% of them are nothing but scams. Finding a genuine data entry job can be a real challenge. Sadly, these fake data entry companies often target vulnerable individuals such as students and housewives. 

With the unfortunate rise in job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are desperately searching online for work-from-home opportunities, and data entry seems to be a popular choice. In this article, we will delve into the various types of fraudulent data entry jobs and provide a list of such companies operating across India.

Data entry, which involves inputting information into computers using methods like typing and voice recording, falls under the category of clerical work. Data entry operators can be found in industries like retail, healthcare, transportation, and banking, among others. 

Scams related to data entry come in various forms, often promising large sums of money for a job that supposedly requires no expertise. While legitimate data entry jobs do exist, they typically don’t offer high pay and don’t require a significant upfront investment.

What Types of Data Entry Scams Should You Look Out For?


Email Data Entry Jobs

In today’s digital age, obtaining data from various sources has become incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, there are companies that sell people’s personal information to third parties. Scammers often exploit this situation by acquiring such data and utilizing it to send fraudulent emails. 

Consequently, your email address becomes a prime target for individuals involved in data entry scams. These scammers send out a massive volume of emails, sometimes reaching up to 1 million per day. This technique, known as email phishing, aims to deceive people into believing they are signing up for legitimate data entry jobs. 

Once you click on these emails, you may be prompted to fill out forms, pay registration fees (which will only result in losing your money), and in some cases, even purchase a COD (Cash on Delivery) Data Entry CD/DVD. These scammers demand a fee in order for you to obtain these fraudulent Data Entry DVDs.

SMS Data Entry Jobs

SMS text messages have become a common tool for data entry fraud. You might have already received fraudulent job messages in your inbox. 

These scam SMS messages lure you in by promising urgent job openings with salaries ranging from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000. However, they also require you to pay an upfront registration fee. Beware of such messages, as they are all deceitful attempts to scam you.

Newspaper Data Entry Jobs

Advertisements for data entry jobs can often be found on posters or in newspapers, especially in densely populated areas near schools and colleges. Scammers find it easy to target young and vulnerable individuals through these means. 

Many people fall victim to fraudulent data entry jobs simply because they trust the legitimacy of job advertisements published in newspapers. Sadly, newspaper advertisements continue to be exploited as a means to deceive people into taking up fake data entry jobs.

Time Submission Typing Jobs

Certain companies offering online data entry jobs employ deceptive tactics that involve time submission requirements while you work. To begin, you are required to log in to their member area portal, where you will find a scanned copy of a book. 

Above the scanned copy, there will be a text entry area where you must type the content within a specified time frame. However, before you can start working, you are asked to pay a registration fee.

These typing tasks often involve lengthy paragraphs that must be completed within a short time window of 5-6 minutes. Unfortunately, once you submit your typing entry, there is no opportunity to review or make any changes. 

Many of the paragraphs provided for typing are sourced from complex fields such as law and medical literature, making the task even more challenging. Consequently, most participants struggle to successfully accomplish this demanding typing assignment.

Fraudulent Exploitation in BPO Data Entry Jobs

Not all instances of data entry scams occur online. In this particular case, the scammer takes the deceit to another level within the realm of data entry fraud. These companies often begin their operations either as franchisees of established BPOs or by renting their own office space. 

They even invite you to visit their workplace and meet them in person, creating an illusion of authenticity. Assuming that their physical office presence signifies legitimacy, you proceed to pay the registration fees. However, this assumption proves to be entirely false.

Once you’ve paid the fees and embarked on the projects assigned to you, you quickly realize that you’ve fallen victim to a well-orchestrated swindle. The workload they assign you is overwhelming, leaving you with an immense amount of work and limited time to complete it. 

To make matters worse, even if you manage to finish the tasks, they intentionally reject your work by pointing out fabricated faults such as grammatical errors, double spacing, and other trivial issues. Their sole aim is to exploit and defraud you, leaving you with no recourse or opportunity for recourse.

Deceptive Data Entry Offers on WhatsApp and Facebook

Given our addiction to social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, fraudsters have seized the opportunity to exploit users through fake data entry job offers. These scammers create enticing ads on social media, luring unsuspecting individuals with the promise of quick profits. To become a part of these supposed opportunities, one is required to pay registration fees.

Exploiting Google Ads

These fraudulent data entry job schemes often rely on unsophisticated tactics. Some companies resort to paying for Google ads to elevate their websites in search results. This strategy ensures that individuals searching for data entry jobs are more likely to come across these deceptive offers. 

Google Ads is a platform that enables website owners to pay for increased visibility in search results. It’s important to note that not all Google ads are fake. However, scammers utilize this medium to create counterfeit websites and promote seemingly lucrative data entry projects. 

By employing Google AdWords, they attempt to circumvent the challenges of ranking high organically on Google, making it easier for their scam websites to gain visibility.

Fake Data Entry Company List

Below is a list of some fake data entry companies.

  • Datadesk Outsourcing Services
  • CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • CSR
  • Indeed Pvt. Ltd
  • Pearl Service
  • DTD Solution
  • MAX Enterprices
  • Cryptolite Network
  • Core Enterprises
  • Resume Filling Freelancer
  • HS Enterprises
  • Infra Data Technology
  • Metrics InfoTech
  • VJ Consultancy Service
  • Urban Technology
  • Oxy Tech Company
  • Techtom Tachnology
  • Pixel web system
  • Techedge United
  • Equinox
  • Way2Consultancy Service
  • Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.

What to Do If You’ve Fallen Victim to a Scam?

Scammers employ various deceptive tactics to trick people and unlawfully acquire their money. While some scams may not cause significant harm, others can be far more severe. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to take appropriate action.

Firstly, seek guidance from a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual who is well-versed in dealing with scams. They can provide valuable advice on how to handle the situation effectively. 

In more serious cases, it is advisable to report the scam to the police or the relevant law enforcement agency. You can also file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Department, as they specialize in dealing with online fraud and illegal activities.

It is essential to discontinue any further engagement with the scammers and accept the fact that you may not be able to recover the money you have already paid them, regardless of any cybercrime complaint you file. Take immediate steps to block their phone calls and messages, including on platforms like WhatsApp.

Additionally, consider taking the following four steps: report the scam to the cybercrime cell, file a dispute resolution form with both your bank and the scammer’s bank, and finally, submit a complaint under the relevant IT Act, if applicable.

In cases where scammers threaten legal action or claim to possess your personal information, it’s natural to feel concerned about potential legal consequences. However, it’s important to remember that scammers can only harm you if you willingly transfer your funds to them. Simply having your personal information is futile unless they can deceive you into providing them with financial support.

Always prioritize your safety and take swift action to protect yourself from further harm.


Each day, numerous individuals attempt various forms of data entry fraud. Fortunately, law enforcement agencies are actively apprehending many of these fraudsters. Differentiating between legitimate and fraudulent data entry job websites has become increasingly challenging. 

While reputable freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr are generally trustworthy, it’s important to note that encountering work-related or payment-related issues with clients on these platforms does not make them fraudulent. In such cases, you have the right to address the concerns but cannot hold them accountable for fraudulent activities.

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