10 Sites To Repeat YouTube Videos Automatically

Many music enthusiasts often find themselves captivated by outstanding songs. The allure is so compelling that they yearn to keep the music playing on an endless loop, without any interruption. Manually clicking the play button on a YouTube video repeatedly can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. This is precisely where an automatic YouTube video looper can be helpful.

I’ve curated a selection of websites that offer the convenient functionality of replaying YouTube videos seamlessly in the background. With these platforms, you no longer need to manually replay your favourite tracks.

What’s more, some of them even provide the option to loop specific segments of a video, while a few others allow you to replay an entire playlist of videos rather than just a single one. I hope you find this list enjoyable and useful.



YouRepeat offers a convenient solution for replaying YouTube videos. Simply replace “tube” with “repeat” in the video URL, and you’re all set to enjoy endless playback.

For even more convenience, consider adding their Chrome extension, which allows you to replay YouTube videos with just a simple click. Moreover, YouRepeat provides the option to customize your playback experience by selecting a specific portion of the video using their user-friendly slider.

Listen On Repeat


With Listen On Repeat, you can easily replay your favorite videos. Simply insert “repeat” between “youtube” and “.com” in the video’s URL, and you’ll be directed to ListenOnRepeat.com. What’s particularly handy is the repeat counter at the bottom of the video, which keeps track of how many times you’ve replayed it. You can also use the search bar at the top to find YouTube videos directly.

Moreover, if you’re an Android smartphone user, you can download their app from Google Play. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of replaying songs and videos on your mobile device with ease.

Infinite Looper

Infinite Looper

Infinite Looper offers you five convenient methods to loop your favorite videos. You can seamlessly switch to infinite looping by either substituting “youtube” with “infinitelooper” in the video URL, pasting the YouTube address into the search box, utilizing the Infinite Looper bookmark, and more.

In addition to these flexible looping options, Infinite Looper provides an intuitive slider that lets you replay specific portions of the video to suit your preferences. Enjoy endless loops with ease!

YouTube Repeater

YouTube Repeater

With YouTube Repeater, looping your favorite videos is a breeze. Just insert “repeater” between “youtube” and “.com” in the video’s URL, and you’re all set to enjoy endless replays. You can also visit their website to search for specific YouTube videos you’d like to loop.

One nifty feature it offers is a mini player that plays your video in a compact window with small playback controls. However, it’s worth noting that this feature may not work on all computers; I personally encountered issues trying to launch the mini player on both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Endless Video

Endless Video makes looping YouTube videos a breeze. You have multiple options at your disposal: you can either copy and paste the video ID, or simply insert “endless” between “www.” and “youtube” in the URL to initiate instant looping. Furthermore, Endless Video offers a convenient bookmarklet for one-click video replay.

Customizing your looped experience is a cinch with Endless Video’s user-friendly features. They provide a slider and a drop-down menu that allow you to easily select and loop specific segments of a video. Enjoy seamless and tailored video looping with Endless Video!


PlayinUrTubez 1024x565

PlayinUrTubez offers more than just video looping; it’s a versatile YouTube playlist looper. You can effortlessly create a playlist that cycles through every video you’ve added to it.

Additionally, when you’re connected to your YouTube account, you have the option to save the content from your looper as your very own playlist. Enjoy a seamless and customized playlist looping experience with PlayinUrTubez!

Loop The Tube

Loop The Tube.

Loop The Tube is your go-to destination for finding practice videos tailored to guitar, bass, and drums. It’s a straightforward process—simply choose your preferred instrument among the three options and search for the practice video you’d like to loop.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to set a loop’s starting point with ease, thanks to the “Set Loop Start Point” button. Enjoy honing your musical skills with Loop The Tube!

Audio Video Looper

Audio Video Looper

Audio Video Looper makes it a breeze to create your custom song playlists from YouTube videos. You’ll appreciate the convenience of building multiple playlists, and rest assured, your playlists are automatically saved for you through local storage.

Plus, there’s a handy slider feature that lets you loop specific parts of a video. It’s an excellent choice for tailoring your own YouTube song playlists. Enjoy the flexibility of curating your music collections with Audio Video Looper!

EZ Looper

EZ Looper

EZ Looper boasts a user-friendly website interface that I personally find quite appealing. The process is straightforward—just copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the designated load bar to initiate video replay. Should you wish to set specific start and end points for the video, you’ll find convenient sliders located right below the video.

Tube Repeat

Tube Repeat

Tube Repeat operates like your typical YouTube video looper, offering various ways to conveniently repeat a YouTube video. You can search for videos directly using Tube Repeat, or opt for other methods like copying and pasting the video URL or ID, utilizing the bookmark, or tweaking the YouTube address.

Have you come across a YouTube video repeater or looper that you prefer?

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