How to Copy and Paste on Facebook App in Your Smartphone


If you’re using Facebook app on your smartphone then you might be knowing that Facebook does not allows to copy text in it’s app. Sometimes we find very interesting status or post on Facebook which we want to copy and share with other on WhatsApp or other social media, But as Facebook doesn’t allows to do so we feelhelp less in such situation. So here are three ways using which you can copy text from Facebook App on Android, iOS or Windows phone.

How to Copy and Paste Text On Facebook App?

Method 1 :

  • Open Facebook on your phone using chrome or any other browser.
  • Now click the more option button present in the top right corner.

Option button

  • Scroll down at the bottom and select Desktop Site. This will open the website in desktop view.

Facebook - desktop mode

  • Pinch out to zoom and head towards the post which you want to copy.
  • Long tap the status and select the text which you want to copy.

copy facebook status

  • Select copy and you’re done. Now you can paste the text wherever you want.

Method 2 :

  • You need opera mini browser and Facebook messenger for this method. You can download it from your desired app store.
  • So open Facebook app in your android, iOS or windows phone.
  • Now navigate to the post which you want to copy and paste using your Facebook app.
  • Tap the share button below the post.

share status

  • Now further select Share as message.

send as message

  • Just select any of your friends and send the link to them.

select friends

  • Now go to messenger and open the link using opera mini browser.
  • Now you can simply long tap on the status and copy it.

Note – Chrome will not work as it supports the rich version of Facebook.

Method 3 :

The above method is quite lengthy and much time consuming. So here’s a quick method using which you can easily copy and paste text on Facebook, Twitter or any other app. The best part is you can also copy text from Facebook and Instagram pictures.

Note – This method doesn’t works well if you want to copy a lengthy post.

  • So first you need to download Copy – Text on screen app. This app basically copies text from pictures using OCR technology.
  • Once the app is installed on your phone, Open Facebook and head towards the status which you want to copy.
  • Now take the screen shot of the status making sure that the entire status is visible. To take screen shot press the volume up and the lock key button at the same time.

screen shot

  • Once the screen shot is captured, open the picture and click the share button.
  • In the share option click “See all” and further select Copy – Text on screen.

share picture

  • Now just select the portion from where you want to copy the text.

crop picture

  • Click on save and it will perform an OCR scan to fetch the words present in the picture.
  • Once the scan is completed simply copy the text and paste it where ever you want.

text converted

  • Similarly you can copy text from Twitter, Instagram pictures and other social networking apps.


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