13 Best Free-To-Play MMORPGs in 2023

Can we universally concur that handling bills is far from enjoyable? For those in the mood for classic MMORPG excitement but hesitant about committing to another monthly expense, consider exploring these free-to-play MMORPGs.

They provide a substantial amount of F2P content, spanning fantasy, sci-fi, PvP-focused, and narrative-rich experiences. You’re bound to discover a title that aligns with your preferences among these options.

1. Secret World Legends

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Ever heard of Secret World Legends? It’s like blending Lovecraft, superheroes, supernatural elements, conspiracies, magic, and the real world into a one-of-a-kind universe. The best part? You get over 100 hours of gripping, story-driven content for free!

Embark on missions that whisk you away on a fantastic journey around the world, from Transylvania to Seoul, exploring real locations re-imagined in a dark and mysterious universe. While you can play Secret World Legends solo, the real enjoyment kicks in when you join a group.

2. Age of Conan Unchained

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Meet Age of Conan Unchained — boldly describing itself as “sexy, savage, and brutal,” immerse yourself in the world of Hyboria, whether you pick the mighty Barbarian or any of the other 12 available classes.

Get ready for action-packed combat that’ll keep you on your toes, whether you’re slaying terrible monsters in PvE battles or giving your fellow players a challenge in open-world PvP. It’s an exhilarating journey in the fierce lands of Age of Conan Unchained!

3. Rift

Rift Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

In 2011, Rift made its debut with aspirations of dethroning WoW, a feat we’ve seen attempted before with mixed results. Despite its journey, Rift boasts standout features such as class flexibility, player housing, and dynamic events.

Think of it as a theme-park MMORPG set in a fantasy world, offering a blend of dungeons, raids, and PvP – essentially, all the ingredients you’d expect from a title in this genre.

4. Dofus

Dofus Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

Now, Dofus takes the stage as an adorable anime-style MMORPG featuring tactical combat. With a choice of 18 unique classes, your characters evolve through the classic RPG progression system, gaining XP from monster bashing and quest victories.

The turn-based combat, adorned with cartoony graphics and a relaxed in-game atmosphere, is a surprising gem. Despite its casual appearance, the gameplay is captivating, and you might find yourself investing many hours in the World of Twelve alongside your fellow adventurers.

While Dofus may not have seen recent expansions, there’s still an abundance of content and an active player base to keep you engaged for quite some time.

5. Warframe

Warframe Free to play 960x540 (1)

Warframe, a free-to-play online action game, immerses you in an ever-evolving sci-fi universe. Customize your Warframe with powerful weapons and engage in some of the finest action combat available.

This game is a unique blend of third-person shooting and melee combat, standing out in the gaming market. Set in a war-torn future, you take control of the Tenno, an ancient warrior awakened after centuries of slumber.

Warframe isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a profound and intricate game with a vast array of weapons and abilities to choose from. Brace yourself for an immersive experience in a world torn apart by war.

6. Neverwinter

Neverwinter Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

In Neverwinter, players get to choose from eight distinct classes, reach the max level, and explore all the content without spending a dime. The action combat adds an engaging and fun element.

D&D enthusiasts will find joy in the depiction of the Forgotten Realms, featuring iconic NPCs, villains, and monsters. The graphics are impressive, and the game doesn’t demand high-end hardware.

Neverwinter is also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

7. Phantasy Star Online 2

PSO2 Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (2)

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free MMORPG catering to both hardcore and casual players. If you aim to conquer end-game challenges, brace yourself for some grinding.

For those opting for a more laid-back experience, you’ll enjoy customizing your avatar and socializing while on quests. The combat is enjoyable, and there’s an abundance of free content.

With Very Positive Steam reviews from thousands of users clocking hundreds of hours, Phantasy Star Online 2 is undoubtedly worth a shot.

8. Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul Free to Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

So, Blade & Soul hit the big five in 2021 – quite a milestone for a Korean MMORPG trying to stand out in the Western crowd.

Here’s the deal – there’s loads of PvE content, and the best part? None of it’s behind a paywall. All classes are up for grabs, no cash required. And let’s not forget the action combat – it’s a blast.

If you’re eyeing that end-game success, be ready to throw in a few bucks. But if you’re just after a chill MMORPG with killer graphics, Blade & Soul’s got your back.

9. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Swtor Free To Play 1024x562.jpg (1)

Ever dreamt of being a Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or Sith Lord? Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic is your ticket to exploring spots like Tatooine and Alderaan.

Pick from eight cool classes, and guess what? Free players get a piece of the action with story quests, dungeons, raids, and PvP. Plus, the game stays fresh with regular events. Whether you’re a Star Wars buff or not, it’s your go-to for a free Sci-Fi MMORPG that’s not Star Trek Online.

10. Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Free to Play 960x540.jpg (1)

Final Fantasy XIV is the cool kid on the MMORPG block. It’s got an epic story, a truckload of classes and jobs, and graphics that’ll blow your mind.

Here’s the scoop – not entirely free-to-play, but hey, the base game and the first expansion won’t cost you a dime. That takes you up to level 60, giving you a ton of story-packed gaming hours.

11. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

Alright, fellow Trekkies, if you haven’t tried Star Trek Online, you’re missing out on some serious fun – or at least, you should give it a shot. Why? Well, it’s all about the stories. They keep dropping updates based on stuff from the TV series, so it’s like stepping right into the Star Trek universe.

This free-to-play MMO by Cryptic Studios is a Star Trek lover’s dream. You’ve got beloved characters showing up as NPCs, and get this – sometimes, they’re even voiced by the actual actors from the shows.

And here’s the real kicker – the Sci-Fi MMORPG community here? They’re as passionate as they come. Get ready for heated debates about who the best Enterprise captain is and all those other never-ending Star Trek debates.

12. RuneScape 3

Runescape 3 Free To Play 1024x576.jpg (1)

So, RuneScape 3 popped up on Steam, and guess what? It’s rocking Very Positive reviews in just a few months. That’s saying something about its awesomeness.

Now, the gameplay might throw you a curveball if you’re used to more recent titles, but trust me, it’s worth a shot. This game is all about memorable quests, quirky NPCs, and some serious progression challenges.

And if you want to go deeper into the legacy MMORPG world, don’t be shy – give the vanilla version, Old School RuneScape, a whirl.

13. EVE Online

Eve Online Free To Play 2 1024x576.jpg (1)

Alright, buckle up for EVE Online. This one’s not your typical MMORPG – it doesn’t hold your hand. Nope, it tosses you into a wild, ruthless universe. Get ready to meet some seriously cunning players – your fellow adventurers in this cosmic journey.

EVE Online is all about the community shaping the game. Your actions and social interactions? They mold your experience. It’s a unique beast, a bit tricky to master, but with the right crew, one of the most fascinating MMO adventures you’ll ever dive into.

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