How to Use WhatsApp on PC Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging app which is available for Android, iPhone, blackberry, windows phone, Nokia Symbian platforms. You can also download WhatsApp on your Java Phone. As we know WhatsApp is very much popular and we can share images, videos, and audio files with our friend circle.

The best part of WhatsApp is it gets easily integrated with your contacts within the phone directory. Until now there is no official version of WhatsApp available for Windows or Mac operating systems, But there are some android emulators available that allow us to use android apps on pc. So in this way, we can easily use WhatsApp on pc.

There are different ways to use WhatsApp on PC but the method that I’m going to demonstrate is the most secure and fastest way to do so.

Features of WhatsApp for PC

  • Here are some outstanding features of WhatsApp that will definitely blow your mind :
  • You can send unlimited messages, pictures & videos to your friends for free.
  • Share your current location with your friends.
  • Create groups and chat with multiple people at once.
  • You can make WhatsApp call for free (Coming soon)

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How to Download and Install WhatsApp on PC

I’m going to demonstrate two methods the first one is by using the WhatsApp web that was recently announced by Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp and the second one is by using a popular android emulator called bluestacks. Both these methods are pretty simple & I have also covered some basics like Adding contacts on WhatsApp on bluestacks & Changing your profile picture in WhatsApp on bluestacks.

If you think that WhatsApp Web has been launched now we no longer need bluestacks than you are wrong, because WhatsApp web doesn’t work as we all think it will definitely kill your expectations. To use WhatsApp web we need our device with us and Yes it should also be connected to the internet then only we can use WhatsApp on our web browser. Whatsapp web doesn’t work without a smartphone connection, So if you don’t have a smartphone then the only way remaining is to use bluestacks in order to use WhatsApp on PC.

Method 1 – Using WhatsApp Web

This method totally explains to you how to access WhatsApp in your web browser. The cross-messaging platform has introduced WhatsApp for the web that lets you access WhatsApp through your computer web browser. With 700 plus million monthly active users for WhatsApp, WhatsApp has almost killed text messaging and other text messaging services and today it is also available on the web. Everyone was waiting for it and here it comes, the rumor has finally become a reality. Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp recently posted on Facebook :

As per Jan Koum, it’s simply an extension of your smartphone that mirrors all your conversations and your phone needs an internet connection. I thought we will be able to access WhatsApp from PC without any smartphone connection but unfortunately, that’s not the case our phone need’s to be connected to the internet otherwise WhatsApp client on the web gets disconnected as shown below.

As per some limitations of the iOS development platform, it’s not available for iOS for now but we could soon expect it.

How to Use WhatsApp for PC using WhatsApp Web

  • The first step is to update WhatsApp to its Latest Version from the play store.
  • Now open WhatsApp and you will see WhatsApp Web in the options menu.
  • In case if it doesn’t work then you need to update WhatsApp from its official site as WhatsApp releases most of their updates via their site and only publish them to Play Store when they want to introduce a feature.
  • Visit on your computer and there you can see a barcode. Now open WhatsApp on your mobile and navigate to WhatsApp Web to scan the barcode.
  • That’s it !! Now you will be able to use WhatsApp on your computer.

Method 2 – Using Android Emulator

This method requires an android emulator, An android emulator is a program that allows us to use android apps within our windows pc. There are many android emulators such as bluestacks, Youwave, etc but the best one is bluestacks. So to install WhatsApp on pc we are going to use bluestacks as its the most trusted android emulator. So first let us see how to download and install bluestacks, So follow the step given below to download bluestacks android emulator.

How to Run WhatsApp on PC Using Emulator

  • To use WhatsApp apk file on PC, we need to download a software called Bluestacks App Player. Click on the link below to download Bluestacks for PC free. It is just 12 MB software and will take hardly 2-5 minutes of your time depending on your internet speed.
  • After downloading the setup file to install it on your windows pc just like other software. Installation takes some of your time to install additional files from the internet. Basically, these files are system files or system images required to run Android OS. Let it be installed properly.
  • After successful installation launch, Bluestacks and you will see the screen like this.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp in Bluestacks

  • To install WhatsApp on pc you have to search for it in bluestacks. To search WhatsApp click on that Search icon as shown in the above image.
  • You will see the WhatsApp icon in the search result. If it does not display the WhatsApp icon then click on “Search Play for WhatsApp”.

  • It will open the Google Play Store for you and will ask you to log in with your Google Account. Just log in with your existing Google account and click on Install WhatsApp.

  • After installation click on the “OPEN” button. Just like below.

  • To use WhatsApp on PC further you have to verify and set up your phone number.
  • You will see the “Welcome to WhatsApp” screen when you open it for the first time after installation. Click on “Agree and continue”.

  • To use WhatsApp further you have to verify your phone number. To do so, select your country -> confirm the country code and enter your phone number.
  • It will pop up a small message screen displaying your phone number and message like “Is this OK, or would you like to edit the number?” Click OK if it is correct or click on Edit if your mobile number is incorrect.

  • Now you will see the screen like this. WhatsApp will try to send and detect SMS to verify your phone number. Don’t worry just wait for 5 minutes.

  • After 5 minutes it will show you an error like the image below. Showing that “SMS verification failed. Please try voice verification”. So click on the “Call me” button. Note: Before clicking on the “Call me” button make sure your mobile is switched on. Otherwise, verification will fail.

  • You will receive an automated call on the given phone number. Pick up the call and enter the 6-digit code that you hear.
  • Now “Profile info” screen will open. If you want to set up your name and profile photo then you can do it. Click on “Next” after everything is done.

  • Now Click on the “Continue” button. That’s it, folks, we have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp on PC.

That’s it guys, we have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp for PC/Laptop running on Windows platform for free! Enjoy WhatsApp download for Laptop or PC. If you have any problem regarding this tutorial you can leave your query below in the comment section. We would love to help you! Wait don’t go away check out how to add contacts in WhatsApp on your pc.

How to Add Contacts in WhatsApp on Your PC?

Many people ask me about how we can add contacts, well it is very easy to do so. So first of all open WhatsApp within bluestacks. Now click on options menu on the top right corner after that click on contacts and select add a new contact. Using this way you can easily add contacts on WhatsApp in your pc.


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