How to Hide Files or Folders in Android (Without Any App)

In today’s world, privacy is the most important thing that every person needs. We often store our important or personal files on our Android devices. As they are personal we just don’t want anyone to access those files, So the best way is to hide or lock those files so that no one can access them. In today’s article, I’m going to show you the best way to hide files or folders in your android device without using any external application.

How to Hide Files in Your Android Device

This method is very easy and effective. The concept is just to change the extension of your file so that becomes unreadable. Confused? follow the instructions given below.
  • Open your file explorer and navigate to the file which you want to hide.
  • Now click on rename and just change the file extension to exe.

For Example –
Pic.mp4 – Original file name
Pic.exe   – Modified file name
  • Now no one can access that file, Whenever you want to access that file just change the extension back to the default one. For example, I’ll change it’s extension back to .mp4

How to Hide Folders in Your Android Device

Actually, this method works in all file manager but I’ll still recommend you to download ES File Explorer for this method. Download ES File Explorer Here

  • Open ES file explorer or your default file manager.
  • Now navigate to the folder that you want to hide from the gallery.
  • Long tap the folder and select Rename.
  • Now just add a dot before the folder name.

For Example –
 Snapchat – Original name
.Snapchat – Modified name
  • Actually, the android file system automatically hides folders which starts with a dot so now the folder is no longer visible in file manager and gallery.
  • To unhide the folder simply follow the step given below.

Follow the Given Instructions to Unhide the Hidden Folder

  • Again open ES file explorer.
  • Click on the options button located on the top-left corner.

  • Now scroll down and look for Show hidden files.
  • By default its OFF just click the OFF button to turn it on.

  • Now you could see a bunch of folders starting with dots. just find your folder, rename it and remove the dot from it.
  • Again click the options button and change Show hidden files to OFF.
If you feel lazy to follow the above instructions then you can check out best App locks apps to hide your personal data in your android device.


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