10 Best App Lockers for Android to Secure Your Apps

In a smartphone-dominated world where every day of our life goes through ‘N’ number of selfies and memes, handing our mobiles to our friends is unavoidable. In such cases, the phone security lock is of no use. We don’t want others to go through our private pictures in the gallery, right?

Few smartphone brands like Xiaomi who use their customized skin like MIUI have their own security app pre-installed, which has an app locking feature. But many other handsets using the stock Android UI badly need some app lock to add privacy to their installed applications.

Best App Lockers for Android Phones

Here are 10 best app lockers, pick one according to your requirements.

1. AppLock

by DoMobile Lab

With over 400 million users downloads and more than 5 million reviews along with a whopping 4.4-star rating in the Google play store, Applock by DoMobile lab is the best App lock application one can download. Numerous themes to select for app lock screens, quick lock switch as a widget for easy enabling/disabling locks, fake crash cover screen, uninstallation prevention, power saving mode, hiding app lock itself, intruder selfie alert and more features come with this app. The best part is it is ad-free.

2. Smart Applock (App Protect)

by ThinkYeah Mobile

One of the smartest app locks which can lock the incoming calls too and prevent uninstallation as well. Password and Pattern protection is available along with Fingerprint locking facilities (which is available only Android 6.1 and above devices). Gallery Vault is within the application which encrypts the private pictures and videos. It also gives an intruder alert after 3 failed attempts to unlock, through an email with a selfie of the snooper.

3. LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo

by thememaker.studio

This is a light-weight app lock for Android. It allows hiding private pictures and videos in the vault apart from the app locking facility. The User Interface is super clean and smooth. Various themes are available for lock screens which are password or pattern protected.

4. FingerSecurity

by Rick Clephas

This was the first Android app lock to provide fingerprint protection. Launched back in July 2014, It is updated with new features and is secure enough. This app uses Device Administrator permission to prevent the app from getting uninstalled. The best part of the application is the widget it offers, which allows the user to easily enable and disable the app locks. The lock screens are customizable too.

5. Private Zone- Applock, Photo & Video Vault

by Leomaster(Applock & Privacy)

With more than a million reviews on the play store, This app from Leomaster not only aids in locking apps but goes one step further and provides a vault as well. Photos and Videos can be hidden inside a vault using a pattern or pin protection. Private Zone also comes up with cloud backup provision, all within this 18MB of size.

6. Norton App lock

by Norton Mobile

Antivirus giant Norton’s mobile application to lock apps prevents unauthorized access to specified apps. The application lives up to the brand’s standards with optimum functionalities protected with passwords and pattern protection. Fingerprint unlock is something the app is missing to become perfect.

7. Applock: Fingerprint Password

by KeepSafe

Applock from KeepSafe is a simple app with all the required app locking facilities. You can lock any application using password, patterns or fingerprint protection. Its best feature is it prevents the app uninstallation.

8. Clean Master- Antivirus, Booster & Phone Cleaner

by Cheetah Mobile

Clean master is famous for its performance-boosting apps now comes as a combo of antivirus, quick charger, phone cleaner, and app lock as well. The app lock for Android comes with password and pin code protection. Four-in-One application all under 20 megabytes size.

9. App Block – Stay Focussed

by MobileSoft s.r.o.

As the app name says, this application blocks specific apps along with its notifications as well. This app provides a feature where you can automatically block at precise time and date and gets unblocked once the pre-set time is over. It has a strict mode as well where you can’t disable the block until the specified time gets over.

10. MaxLock- Xposed app locker

by Maxr1998

Undoubtedly a great app lock for Android phones is this MaxLock- Xposed app locker which comes in around 1.8MB size only. Battery friendly and uses the most efficient event recognition method instead of polling in an additional service for locking apps. The app has tons of features and customizations, the only drawback of this app is the phone needs to be rooted to use this application.


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