10 Best Apps to Hide Apps, Photos & Videos

We generally never deny anything to our best buddies but our phones are an exception to everyone. Smartphones make it easy to capture every moment of our life in the form of pictures and videos but it would be devastating if some private, intimate or confidential photo or video will be accessed by someone who has malicious intentions or can take its undue advantage. 

We can imagine a situation and the consequences where the confidential information of the businessman saved on his phone is accessed unduly by his competitor. These hiding Apps are also needed to keep any adult content under the secure access from kids or children to avoid embarrassment. 

There’re so many things that are quite personal to share with anyone. We’ve made a list of the best Apps to Hide Apps, Pictures & Videos on your smartphone. It is a secure and easy way through which you can hide your data. So now you can lend your phone to anyone without having to worry about your secrets being disclosed.


Vault - Apps to hide App for Android

The function of this app do not limit to keep secret only your photos and videos but there is a scope to do a lot more with this app. There are many users who are keeping their confidential stuff secret with the help of using Vault and the number keeps on increasing.

Features –

  • Vault makes your call logs and contact list private so that nobody else may check it with whom you are in contact with.
  • Vault has the ability to lock your apps as well.
  • Cloud backup feature is the bonus feature that helps you keep your all backup in one place.
  • Forgot password feature will keep your passwords alive even you have forgotten it.
  • Vault will alert you with the snap of the person whenever a wrong password is entered.

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Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro - App to Hide Apps for iPhone

Using Hide it pro, you don’t have to hesitate to lend your phone to anyone. There are lots of features demonstrated by this photo hide app and video hider like share, move, delete, hide and such other features. Hide it Pro hide dexterously under the name of “Audio manager” which misleads anyone. It uses PIN or password to keep things hidden. The following features will brief more about it.

Features –

  • It is the usual settings of any android mobile phone that autosave your photos and videos in the gallery but with the use of Hide it pro you may save them under any unique name that will not suggest any ideas about it to the viewer.
  • Like Vault, Hide it pro also keeps backup of your media in the cloud storage.
  • Hide it pro do not appear in the app list so that no one can judge about its existence.
  • You can not only lock it with your most remembered sentence but can set a pattern or even use the finger impressions to lock it.
  • Hide It Pro app can prove to be a good photo video locker app for those who keep secret stuff in their android phones.

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App Hider

App Hider- Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

With App Hider, you can show others only what you want to and keep privacy for the rest of your media matters. Here are some of its features for a better understanding of this app. Image lock is the easiest way to get your phone secure against intruders with malicious intentions. It’s salient features are –

  • The app comes with various themes that suit the eyes.
  • Change the icon of the app.
  • A simple Android app that can fit into any Android device.
  • You can select multiple files at a time to lock them in a single password
  • This App hider may hide photos, videos, and other files.

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Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault - App to Hide Apps for iPhone

By downloading Pic Safe app, you add to the number of users using this video lock app or photo vault app. Pic Safe offers all the features that can be expected from a photo hide app or photo and video locker apps. Here’re it’s distinguishing features.

Features –

  • Transfer photos and videos from your gallery to the secret place created by Pic Safe app.
  • Keep alive your memories with Pic Safe.
  • To deceive the intruders to your private stuff, you may create a duplicate Pic Safe app setting different passcode.
  • It is able to restore those photos and videos that have deleted by you just because of a slip of tap.

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ES File Explorer (File Manager)


There are very few file hiding apps or photo video locker apps available on the play store. ES file explorer is the photo vault app and video lock app that manages your files. This file manager assists you in copy, cut, paste, move, rename, delete or share your files along with taking care of its privacy and secrecy. You can manage all the files whether save in your internal or external memory of your device. Even the cloud storage can be effectively handled by ES file explorer.

Features –

  • Handle management of all the files and folders stored in an android device.
  • Using file transfer app term for ES file explorer is not wrong because it has the ability to transfer images, videos, documents, music files and even apps to other devices without any cable but on Wi-Fi mode.
  • This file manages, manage your file remotely accessing the cloud storage like Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • You can also access your PC with this app.
  • ES file manager cleans your cache as well.

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Photo Lock App

Photo Lock App - App to Hide Apps for Android

Developers have designed this photo Lock App or better to call file hiding app, observing the trend of photo and video misuse due to unauthorized access to them. To keep away this threat from your mind, you may make use of an image lock that protects your photo and video privacy. Here are some of its useful features.

Features –

  • The application can itself create a folder to directly drop the image and video into it.
  • Login and logout culture of the app makes it secure.
  • Users need to set the password that is the must need to take its advantage.
  • The storage location can also be changed in just one tap.

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File Hide Expert

File Hide Expert-Hide Pictures

File hide expert justifies its name by showing expert features along with file hider. This is a fast and focused app toward privacy protection. Many users have a misconception about the fact that the files are saved online and can’t be accessible offline. Please note that all the hidden files are saved to the device only and so it is suggested to take a proper backup if you are planning to switch the device. In case you uninstall this app, all your hidden files will exist on your device only without any loss. See its other features below.

Features –

  • No additional storage space is required to hide the files.
  • Password protected.
  • It may hide not only images and videos but also hide the complete folders.
  • No ceiling has been set to hide the number of files. Unlimited files and folder can be kept hidden with the File hide the expert app.
  • The app will not be listed under the common list of all apps since it is a secret app on your android device.

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Lock My Files

Lock My Files - App to Hide Apps for Android

It’s an app in our compilation of photo hide app, video lock app or file hiding the app. This application also possesses qualities as all the other above apps do. This app will surely work for those who want to keep their phone stuff secrets but cannot deny others to access their phones. In such situations, it is best to always put a lock on your private content. Lock my files app displays the following features. 

Features –

  • As the name of this app gives the idea about the function, locks your files.
  • Not only files but you can lock your private photos, confidential files, videos, etc. with the help of this file hiding the app.
  • It protects your files with a password so that only authorized access is enabled to secure access.
  • Apart from the basic function of protecting your files and folders, this app also amalgamates file explorer along with.

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Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Secret Photo Vault - Keepsafe

As the name says it all, Secret Photo Vault is an award-winning app that millions of smartphone users count on. The app enables you to keep your personal photos, files, videos, and other documents secure from being accessed by anyone with a password or PIN. It won’t take much of the storage space and is a lightweight application. Apart from that, you can switch between light and dark themes to make it easy to use. The best feature of the app is that it can recover accidentally deleted items.

Features – 

  • Restoring the secret content is also a very easy task.
  • You may create multiple vaults and setting unique passwords for them so that you can save your content. It may be possible that one of them can be a fake vault.
  • Stealth mode keeps your privacy silently meaning that no icon will be shown on your home screen for this app.
  • Generating space for photos and videos is the distinguishing feature of keep safe among other like apps.

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Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty - App to Hide Apps for Android

It’s an amazing application that takes charge of the security of your private space on your phone. It can lock images and videos and protect them with the password of your choice. It provides the automatic backup to cloud storage so that you don’t lose data even if your phone gets broken or lost. The awesome feature of the app is that you can keep different vaults to show different people. It alerts you to take pictures of intruders. 

Features – 

  • Conceal your photos and videos that you do not want to share or view by others.
  • Keep your SMS and text secret by locking it in a password.
  • Make a separate and private document folder to secure your Govt. and confidential soft copies.
  • You can even backup your files and folders.

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