How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

After some time we feel that our YouTube channel name doesn’t describe our channel’s content or maybe you are not happy with your channel name and simply want to change it. Whatever your reason is here are a couple of methods using which you can easily change your YouTube channel name.

Is it possible to change my YouTube channel name?

Technically yes you can change your YouTube channel name but you can’t change your channels URL until it’s a random string of numbers. But the channel URL really doesn’t matter. So you can follow the below method to change your YouTube channel name.

How to Change Your YouTube Name?

  • Login to your YouTube account. If you’re owning multiple channels then switch to the channel which you want to rename.
  • Click on your profile picture and further click the gear icon as show below.

youtube settings

  • Beside your channel name click on edit on Google+ to change your YouTube Name.

edit your Youtube channel name on google plus

  • This will open the Google plus page which is linked to your channel.
  • Now you can simply edit your name and save it.

enter new youtube channel name

Using this method you can easily change your YouTube channel name but if you have already used a custom channel URL then you can’t change it. But it really doesn’t matter that you need your channel name in your channel URL until you are going to print the channel URL on your business card. If you anyhow want to change your channels URL then the only way is by creating a new channel and uploading all your videos back again.

One thing I would like to recommend is don’t delete the channel, simply add a video to tell your audience that this channel has been shifted and you can subscribe to our other channel.

But in case if you have made your mind then here’s how to migrate your old YouTube account to a new one.

Note this method will result in a loss in channels views, subscribers, likes, comment and everything related to your channel. Although I will recommend this method for those guys whose channel is in bad standing.

  • First, you need to download all your channel videos. You can use a YouTube video downloader software or download videos manually without using any software.
  • You can also make a backup of all videos Title, Description and tags in a text file if possible.
  • Once you have downloaded all your videos. Go to your account settings by clicking your profile picture and selecting the gear icon.

youtube settings

  • In settings click on Advanced and further scroll down and select Delete channel.

delete your YouTube account

  • It will navigate you to another page, Click I want to permanently delete my content and select everything as shown below.

delete all your YouTube videos

  • Now click the Delete my content button and you’re done.
  • You can now create a new channel with the desired name you want and upload all your videos back again.


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