What is Miscellaneous Files & How to Delete Misc. Files?

Miscellaneous files do not come under the apps, media or cache files. These files are basically misc. files in your android system which piles up data and covers your phone memory. These miscellaneous files may contain system file data and also data from the different applications installed on your phone. If you delete any misc file which contains system data, then you might get some problems later on.

What Happens When You Delete the Misc. files?

  • When you check up your internal memory storage, it displays the information space taken by the files.
  • Now tap on the files, it will show which kind of files it consists, and the amount of space used by a particular file.
  • So to free up the internal memory storage, you have to delete misc files. However, while deleting the misc file, you may lose the system data which have been stored in the internal storage. So, it is recommended to create a backup for all the data which is saved in the internal storage.

How to Delete Miscellaneous Files in Android

  • First of all, you will have to check up the internal storage of your device. To do so, open the Menu. Then, go to the Settings and you will see the option of Storage.
  • Tap on the Storage, and then you will see, how much space is being used by the apps, media, downloads, cached data & Miscellaneous files.
  • Click on the Miscellaneous files, it will show you another list of files which are stored in it.

  • Now to delete it, select all the files which come under the Miscellaneous files.
  • You can also tap on the option of Select All, which will be located at the top right of the display of your device.
  • After selecting it, tap on the delete.

Using the above method, your Miscellaneous files should be deleted. The deleting of misc. files will also free up space in internal storage.

While deleting the misc. files, you might lose some data. So let us discuss how to back up your data.

How to Backup the Data

For the safety, you can move up all the data in external SD card by using an app, you will be able to back-up the data which will get deleted while deleting the misc files. The name of the app is the Online Nandroid Backup app. You need a rooted device to use this app.

This app will create the backup in CMW or TWRP style. Without turning off your device, it will restore all your data. Before backing up the data, you will have to clear all the cache data and storage. With the help of this app, you can backup all the data.

That was a quick guide on Miscellaneous files and how to delete these files.


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