10 Best C Launcher Themes You Won’t Regret Trying

Android smartphones are best in customization. Android OS gives you the liberty to customize the interface and icons of your phone to make it look the way you want. Themes are not just about changing the wallpapers but it completely makes over the look of your phone.

Along with changing the wallpapers, themes also change the App icons, its shape, size, and color. It adds special effects when you launch your apps. Altogether, launchers enable you to completely change the interface of your phone.

There are a lot of theme launchers available out there but the one which is widely used by Android users is C Launcher. It is a free launcher for Android which is efficient in battery saving, lightweight, and simply awesome! There are hundreds of free themes available in C Launcher. To help you with choosing the Best C Launcher Theme, here are some of the selected ones. 

How to Download and Apply these Themes?

  • First, if you don’t have C launcher then you can download it here.
  • Now launch C launcher and go to the themes section.
  • Here you will find tons of themes, If you like any of the themes listed below then you can search for the theme name and download it.

Best C Launcher Themes of All Time

1. Emoji Collection

emoji c launcher theme

If you want to give some funky and funny look to your phone interface, install Emoji Collection C Launcher Theme. When you install this theme, it takes over to the default Android theme of your phone. All the App icons in this theme are shown as emoji such as laughing, happy, cool, etc. You can choose between the shape of the emoji, round or square. There is also a combo of Emoji theme and zipper to give a more funny and cool look to your phone interface. This is a better and more fun theme to use. If you are using this theme then pair it with a great emoji keyboard.

2. Business Time

This is the theme for professionals who do not like girlish pink love theme or flowers and animals on their phone. This the perfect dark theme which makes your phone look cool. It reflects all the App icons in medium size shape and fonts. The background wallpaper is also very creative and match up with the business theme. Since for money makers time is very important, it shows the big clock as a screen saver and wallpaper.

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3. Glass Blur Water

Well, the rainy season has already started for this year and you would love this theme if you want to feel the raindrops on your phone. The background of Glass Blur water is a blur, as you can get an idea from the name itself, with tiny raindrops splashed all over your screen. The grey background color and lively raindrops look amazing. It is a good theme to refresh your mood every time you look at your phone. The rest of the phone interface looks like Apple’s iPhone.

4. Yellow House

This is the light colored yellow theme wherein the background a light yellow colored lighthouse appears. The reason for including this C launcher theme in our listicle today is the beautiful yet simple appearance of the theme. The effects are also simple but attractive to the user. The app icon in this theme looks quite creative where phone application is denoted with a classic landline telephone icon and the music icon shows an old stereotype recorder.

5. Colorful Planet Art

color planet

This is really a very attractive theme that takes you to the galaxy each time when you unlock your phone. It is the theme which is neither so light nor so dark. We can call it a moderate theme. The theme exhibits wonderful artwork in the app icon. It seems that the app icons are doodled creatively. Overall this C launcher theme is suitable for types of mobile users, be it a teenager college student or a professional.

6. Sea Cliff

sea cliff c launcher theme

Those who love nature and adore the beauty of it will like this theme for sure. The wallpaper of sea cliff in the background refresh your mood and motivate you to do inspirational things in life. The App icon style of this theme is very much similar to that of Apple phones. So, you can enjoy the iPhone interface on the native Android device. There are hundreds of beautiful sea cliff wallpapers that you would love to see on your phone every day you use it.

7. Dr. Crazy

Well, the idea of this C launcher theme is as crazy as the name is. The wallpaper in the background is of dark yellow color which sometimes looks bright to the eyes. With that, the picture of crazy Dr. who seems a scientist is placed in the wallpaper. There are many other options to set the wallpaper the theme retains the craziness of Dr. Crazy. Talking about the app icon, they all are relevant to the idea of science and scientist. So, if you are a doctor or belongs to the medical profession, you might find this theme relevant to add some fun.

8. Galaxy Note 10

C launcher has all the themes of latest models say OnePlus 7 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, HTC 10 including iPhone theme and many more flagship models of top smartphone manufacturer brands. One such theme is Galaxy Note 10, which is the premium smartphone model from Samsung. The theme offers you to experience the latest theme of Galaxy Note 10 on your existing smartphone.

9. Colored Feather Pen

This is a very elegant and simple looking C launcher theme with a white background. As the name of the theme, it has the wallpaper with a beautiful colored feather which looks good to anyone who touches your phone. The icons are however simple but balanced with the colorful idea of the theme.

10. Bling Flower

Last but not the least in our quest of the best C launcher theme is ‘Bling Flower’. The background of this theme is decorated with beautiful flowers with attractive and eye soothing colors. The theme is no doubt the best for flower lovers. Install this C launcher theme and experience the blossom on your handheld Android phone. The design of the app icon although not show much creativity but the interface is very smooth and clean.



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