10 Best PUBG Mobile Controllers For Android/iOS

PUBG – A royal battleground where the aim is to escape and manage to survive till the end, has soon become the most popular action game on Android smartphones and at the moment, is the hottest one all over the globe.

PUBG is already available for bigger screens but its mobile pack has got many unique and exciting features to play in. But the problem with playing PUBG on Mobile is the screens which get very slippery and sweaty when you swipe so many times on it. And it’s natural, you can’t help it. The only thing you can do is to clean it time and again.

For all the PUBG lovers are who are tired of cleaning their mobile screens, we have a solution. PUBG Mobile Controller can be used to play PUBG on your mobile screens. Using Controller for playing PUBG improves your gaming experience. These controllers will not occupy unnecessary space on the game screen. Buttons are very responsive and easy to hold and operate. Plus, the best part is PUBG controllers won’t burden your pocket. They are affordable.

Best PUBG Mobile Controller For Android & iOS

After deep research and analyzing the market, we have prepared the list of 10 Best PUBG Mobile Controller For Android and iOS devices. PUBG Mobile Controller gives you the smoothest grip on the game controls so that you won’t get killed just because of the slippery mobile screens.

Gamesir Controller


Gamesir is a well-known brand for producing quality gaming controllers. The company also has PUBG Mobile Controller for iOS and Android phones for giving a smooth gaming experience. Some of its widely used PUBG Mobile controllers are Gamesir G5 Gamepad, Gamesir G4s, and Gamesir T2a.

Talking about the Gamesir G5 controller, this controller has 8 button design plus a 360-degree joystick controller embedded into it. This gamepad is specifically designed for supporting Android games.

Gamesir G4s can be connected wirelessly with your phone for much better flawless gaming. Although this controller won’t come with mobile brackets, it has to offer D-pad and Joystick for having uninterrupted gaming fun.

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MOGA Controllers


There are mainly 2 types of MOGA PUBG Controllers viz., MOGA Hero Power and MOGA Pro Power Controller. Both the controllers are highly used by PUBG lovers. MOGA Hero Power controller has the controls placed in a similar way as that of any PlayStation gaming console. For uninterrupted gaming, the controller keeps charging your phone while playing the game. MOGA Pro Power controller has the same features but with a more powerful battery. This controller has been discontinued, below you can find it’s best alternative.

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Flydigi Wee Controller


The size of Flydigi Wee Controller is smaller than usual which makes holding it convenient. On both the left and right sticks, there is a total of 14 buttons facilitating all types of controls. To ensure playing the game for hours, this PUBG Mobile Controller consists of Ultra-Low Power technology, which extends the battery life. Additionally, players can also map the controls with the button as per their ease.

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Ocamo Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad


Another Wireless PUBG Mobile Controller is Ocamo. This gamepad, as said is wireless with many advanced features. It can be connected through Bluetooth and can be operated from the vicinity of 10 meters. It is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and provides features like Cross keys, 14 different action buttons, and Dual Analog sticks.

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Best PUBG Mobile Trigger Controllers

FengNiao Mobile Controller for PUBG Mobile


This PUBG Mobile controller Support Android and iOS devices. Considering the looks of the controller, it doesn’t look like a classic gamepad. Its looks are quite different. This controller has buttons in the form of clips for firing and shooting. You can attach the clips (which is actually buttons) to your phone so that it won’t move. To avoid sweating, thumb caps are there. You can wear thumb caps so that prevent your fingers from sweating. You can easily carry and connect these controllers with your mobile anywhere.

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AnyTech Mobile Game Controller


Supporting Android as well as iOS platform, AnyTech Mobile Game Controller fits any Android and iOS mobile. Its size is adjustable. It is a kind of joystick. The Controller is available on Flipkart with 1-year warranty and up to 10% cashback. Apart from PUBG Mobile, you can also play Fortnite Mobile game with this controller.

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RPM – Euro Games Metal PUBG Mobile Controller


As the name suggests, the controller in the form of the joystick is a metallic controller which you can attach with your phone. This Controller does not put any scratch or dent on your mobile screen. The metallic body ensures the durability of the controller while the rubber finish keeps it light in weight. Its design is also very sturdy and compact.

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Secro PUBG Mobile Controller


Available for both Mac and iOS, Secro controller is also fully controllable mobile joystick for playing PUBG. The interface of the controller is completely wireless and comes with 6 months warranty by the company. If buy from Flipkart, it costs around 107 INR which is very cheap. The clip design is so developed that it won’t cause any damage to your phone or on its screen. It is small in size and lightweight, therefore, can be easily moved at any place.

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Stockhawkers PUBG Mobile Controller


Comes with button trigger, Stockhawker is a Mobile game controller which can be bought in just 159 INR. This controller is suitable to play all the fast running games like PUBG, Fortnite, and King Glory. Its buckle-like design makes it fit for all types of phone models. It is available in black color metal button for fine sensitivity and less occlusion on the screen.

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ROQ PUBG Mobile Controller Support


This mobile game controller joystick supports wirelessly to the mobile operating system. It can be connected easily through Bluetooth latest version. It also has clip design so that easily fix on the phone without any scratch or dent. In terms of weight, it is very light that can be carried anytime anywhere without hassle. It’s made up of plastic for high portability. Besides, joystick it has L1 and R1 button for shooting and aiming respectively.

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