Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival 2019 [Win 3850 UC]

Tencent Gaming Buddy has gained a lot of fame due to its flagship game, one and only, PUBG Mobile. And you’ll be amazed knowing that this renowned game publisher has brought to you a ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival 2019’ in the month of May this year. PUBG gamers all around the world have participated in this festival and got lucky to win a lot of prizes like Gun skins, Costumes, UC packs, and many more for FREE!

Before we discuss more of this game festival, let us know you some necessary information about TGB, for those who haven’t heard this name before. TGB (Tencent Gaming Buddy) is an official emulator developer for the most-played mobile game of 2019 – PUBG. There’re millions of PUBG lovers, who make use of Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

In the month of May 2019, TGB has announced the ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival 2019’ for its loyal and loving PUBG gamers. We’re writing this article for letting you know everything about ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival 2019’ held in the 1st  half of this year. So, if you are excited enough to know about this adventurous festival, don’t go away.

When Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival Has Started?

This was the first of its kind festival started on 25th May 2019 and the closing ceremony held on 1st June 2019 with flying colors. Looking at its popularity and crazy participation of PUBG gamers, TGB was back again on 12th June 2019 which lasts for 12 days and ended on 24th June 2019. For more details about time, dates, and venue, you may visit its official website here.

What Were The Rules of Participation in Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival?

The rules for the festival were not so stiff. The festival was a kind of lucky draw were participating was not such a big deal. However, gamers were given a certain set of rules that they need to follow for appearing and taking part in the festival. The rules were –

  • Log in to the official website. (You can log in through either your Google account or Facebook account).
  • Login to the website account is as simple as you do while playing the PUBG game.
  • Players had to install Gameloop(TGB) on their PC.
  • They had to log in their TGB account.
  • The account should be the same as that of the one used for log in to the website.
  • Gamers had to play the PUBG game on their PC through its official emulator i.e Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  • Then, gamers had to go back to the website and click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Not all the gamers had won the rewards but yes those who are lucky surely took the rewards home.

What Rewards Participants of Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival Has Won?

All the lucky winners have won so many surprising gifts and rewards. PUBG players have won all or some of the following rewards. Have a look –


  • Player Rename ID Card
  • 2xBP Card for 3 days
  • Nightmare Enforcer Set (Costume) for 30 days
  • 3850 UC Free
  • Emperor Penguin Set (Costume) for 30 days
  • 128 BP coins
  • Dcamo Scar-L Skin (permanent)
  • 3850 UC Free

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Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival was an event especially held for insane PUBG players to bring them all the exciting rewards and prized for free. Players got 3 chances to test their luck from one computer ID. This means that you can try for a Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival further 3 times if you have another computer. Please note that it was just a festival and not a tournament where your gaming skills were put on test. It is totally a matter of luck whether you won the rewards or not. So, don’t disappoint, if your luck didn’t work but yeah! Better luck next time.



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