15 Best Apps To Measure Distance

Today we are going to talk about some amazing Apps to Measure Distance. Our smartphones have changed our lives. Shopping malls are changed into shopping apps, banks are now fit into our smartphones, and many more facilities are provided with this amazing small device. Apps for measuring distance is one such facility that we can take benefit of using our smartphones. We are making a list of best measures distance apps which are of great for measuring the height, distance, and area of any particular object.

Such apps are very useful for golfers, contractors, builders, woodworkers, etc. Even a common man may find it useful for measuring and anticipating the distance like while driving a car or knowing how tall a tree or building is?

Best Apps To Measure Distance For Android Phones

Smart Measure


The first in our list of Measure distance Apps is Smart Measure. It measures the height and distance of your target object with the help of Trignometery rules. Using this app is not rocket science. You have to open the app and press the shutter. It has to be noted that your camera should be placed on the ground instead of the object. It can measure distance in meters and feet.

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Smart Distance


Another impressive App among the collection of Apps For measure distance is Smart distance. The app works in a very simple manner. After aiming your device at the target, and adjust the target to the green lines. It measures height and distance in feet. For golfers and hunters that app is a blessing.

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Distance Meter


You may have guessed the working system of the App by its name. Yes, it measures distance. To measure the distance, you have to place the device at the Bottom i.e on the ground. On the other hand, if you want to measure the height, your device should lie on the top of the object. It makes use of your phone camera to measure the height and distance of any object.

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Distance Meter Free


Likewise, above-mentioned Apps to measure distance, this app also lets you measure the distance and height of any target object. To use this App, first, you need to press the button ‘H’. Doing this, the app measures the height of the object. Similarly, to measure the distance, you need to press the ‘D’ button, placing the camera on the ground.

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Auto Distance


For fast measurement of distance and height, the Auto distance app is a perfect app to Measure Distance. It works on auto mode where camera view mode activates when you aim the target object. Along with the calculation of height, it also tells you the angle of elevation of the object. This app is useful for everyone, like for measuring the distance of a building or the height of the tree, etc.

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Walk Measure

Out of all the Apps for measure distance, the Walk measure is one of the easiest and simple. This app is good for measuring distance, area, and displacement of objects. All you have to do is, just open the app and start walking to your destination. It will give you all the details about distance, time, and displacement.

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Maps Distance Calculator

The feature of this app includes measuring path with the pen tool, adjusting the map view with Google apps, Viewing the map in normal mode, 3D mode and terrain mode. This gives rich user experience to its users. You can measure the distance in meters, Kms, feet, and miles.

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Maps – Navigate & Explore

Google being the top-notch player in every game. Be it the search engine or the business manager everything in this can be handled. this is of the kind of Apps to Measure Distance between places. There are things like live traffic updates, stuff related to the public transit schedules and it has been recommended by all the people and it has been irreplaceable. Here is an engaging feature that makes it the first choice amongst the GPS apps for Android and that is Google Street View which ensures a clearer and closer look into locations and the destinations. 

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This is a mapping app but you can count on it as a measure distance app. This is actually low key but one of the very popular navigator app options. it has the feature of the low key mapping and the chance of open street map also has the most useful feature of saving the data offline there is a monthly target set for the same and there might be paid options for the same. there are the voice directions, cross- border routing, 2Dand 3D modes, day and night themes and more. It has its reach across the border has it has connectivity with almost everything in this world.

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Best Apps To Measure Distance For iPhone

EasyMeasure – Measure Distance with your Camera


The features of this app include a user-friendly interface and accuracy of measurements it calculates. It supports AR (Augmented Reality) and you can also share your measurements through Facebook and other social media platforms. During night time, you may turn on the flashlight also. It supports imperial units and metric measurements.

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GPS Fields Area Measure


This one is the most popular Measure Distance App. It comes with a professional GIS tool. Plus its different measurement modes helps in many ways. You can also add photos to measurements and the app has easy to use interface. You can create unlimited groups and set different colors for your groups.

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Distance Measure

For point to point measurement, one of these apps for measure distance is great. It can measure the distance between 2 or more points on the map and also the surface area covered by them. It works with an active internet connection, so you can’t use this app offline. It supports measurement units like miles, yards, hectometers, Kms, and Meters.

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Distance Measurement


By just tracing your location, this Measure Distance Apps tell you the measurement of distance. There is a search option to find places and destinations accurately. It is simple and very easy to use. There are basically 2 units in which it can measure distance, i.e. Miles and Kilometers. It works on the tracing of your finger.

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Distance – Find My Distance


To measure the distance with this App for Measure Distance, you have to draw a line. You can also draw shapes to measure their area. The app facilitates custom coefficients. In addition, the app comes with an advanced location search feature. So you can search for any location, you want. This is very easy to use application.

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To measure the distance of any arbitrary path and roads, you can try out this Map-o-meter app. You can use its search feature to find any address or street. Supporting the imperial and metric units, this app gives you details in portrait as well as landscape mode. You can extract the figures and save them on your device also. Moreover, this app also enables you to calculate the area which is a great feature for contractors and builders.

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