Wireless Charging Finally Living up to The Hype

Wireless charging is not a recent development. It has been around a decade that smartphones can charge without the trap of wires. Wireless charging is considered a must-have feature in the newest flagship smartphones.

Despite the wireless charger available, people find it good to go with the traditional wired chargers as there’s no point in using a wireless charger if you still feel entangled with the wire. That’s the reason that wireless charging is considered as the most overhyped feature for smartphones.

Another reason for not welcoming the trend of wireless charging is its speed. A wireless charger charges your device slower than a wired one. Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and Google Pixel 3 charges only at 10 W speed.

However, looking back to the past 12 months, wireless charging is revolutionized. They are now living up to the expectations of the users. In February, this year, Xiaomi gave a 20 W wireless charger in its Mi 9 series. Recently, Huawei has also launched its 27 W wireless charger in Mate 30 series.

The classic thinking about wireless charging is they are a bit slower when compared to conventional wired chargers. But now the scenario has changed a lot. Now wireless charging won’t take hours to raise up the charging bar on your phone. 

As compared to the wire-free charging of Samsung Galaxy S10 (25 W) and LG’s G8 (20 W), wireless charging in Xiaomi and Huawei devices as mentioned above is quite faster. Now, taking another step ahead, Xiaomi and Oppo have decided to come up with a 30 W wireless charger.

Xiaomi’s Mi 9 Pro 5G is one of the flagship devices in terms of wireless charging, which can charge it in just 1 hour and 9 minutes with its 30 W charger. In addition, Xiaomi is testing and planning for 40 W charger aswell. Possibly, smartphone users can witness it by the end of 2019 or the beginning fo 2020.

Of course, these brands are raising the bar for other smartphone brand manufacturers. Well, conclusively it can be said that the future of wireless charging is bright and soon they are going to replace the wired chargers.

How Wireless Charging Works?

Wireless charging is extremely useful in healthcare, automotive and manufacturing industries. The reason is its mobility and ability to charge any IoT device even set apart. There’re 3 kinds of wireless chargers. It’s working is a bit technical. Let us explain to you in a few simple words. 

A magnetic loop is there which is responsible for creating an oscillating magnetic field. This oscillating magnetic field then creates a current in the antennas. These loops resonate at an equal frequency. This raises the level of current in the receiver’s device. The role of the coil is very important.

The bigger the coil is, the more will be the distance covered by the charger. In smartphones, the copper coil we’re talking here is just of few inches in diameter. This limits the distance for charging in smartphones.


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