Why Is Video Downloading From Video Sharing Sites Prohibited?

Today, the number of internet users is increasing every day, so are the websites and the restrictions on their content. Several video sharing sites do not allow downloading of videos which we can only watch when we are invariably connected to the internet. These websites contain most of the videos that are protected by copyrights and the ones that are not, mostly provide a download link in the description. These websites do not have a direct download link, which is why we use external sources if we don’t find a link in the description. 

The other means include third-party applications or websites that are installed with a tool to fetch a download link of the video from the URL (Uniform Resource Link). The reasons why it is restricted to download videos from these sites include:

Copyright Protected Videos

These videos can only be used if you have permission from the video creator. Every website and search engines prohibit using such videos for commercial purposes on the internet, and the same goes for real life. If you wish to add music to a video for publishing on your website or video sharing sites, then it is better to use royalty-free music. It means you won’t need to pay for it each time you use that audio because royalty-free is a subject to copyright where a user has to pay only once for the content.


Video sharing sites earn substantial revenue from these short ads in videos. It is another reason why sites like YouTube do not allow us to download any of the visual or audible media. All the ads are location-based, which means you won’t be looking at advertisements of businesses outside your region or country. These videos come with autoplay next feature enabled, which allows the videos to keep playing unless you stop/pause the video or exit the application. 

Video-Sharing Sites for Elevations

YouTube can also be called a social network where people can come in contact, comment on videos, subscribe channels to stay updated and can reach you for promotional reasons and more. People are using these websites for several motives, a few of which are promoting a business and its products. You can use these sites for:


You can add short or long videos containing tutorials and teach lessons which you think aren’t properly discussed over there. Go through all the videos, find their flaws, and cover them in your unique style. Also, if there is something unique you can deliver to the people, then make sure you choose the right keywords because, without them, people won’t be able to find your exclusive content.

Entertaining & Delivering Unique Information

Entertaining videos can become a good companion when you are not in a good mood. This category has several sub-categories, which are music, animation, fashion, comedy, and more. 

YouTube, a site owned by Google, is the second largest search engine where people try to find answers to their queries by watching videos. The best part is they get accurate answers because the video titles and descriptions match precisely with their used keywords. If you think you cannot own a site or start a blog and work on its optimization, then delivering info through a video by sharing on social engines and other video sharing sites is a good option.

If you aren’t aware, on YouTube, almost every sixty seconds, more than three hundred hours of videos are uploaded. If you think it’s a huge number and it’s nearly impossible that someone will watch the video uploaded by you then let me tell you, according to research analysis of 2018 more than a billion hours of content is watched every day, which means if you use the right keywords then for sure people will get to it.

The Best Method to Download Video Online?

It is the most asked question on video-sharing platforms, and according to my research there are very less video downloader applications that do not ask for the subscription initially but when the trial version ends they revoke your access to the app. You can download videos by using free online tools available over the web.

Moreover, sites like 4K Video Downloader (https://www.duplichecker.com/video-downloader.php) allows you to download videos in the highest available resolution, and they are entirely free. No subscription required all you need to do is provide them with a link, and they will begin to download the video.


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