Pixel 4’s Real Time Transcription Loses To World’s Fastest Talking Woman

Google claims that its new assistant is very fast when it comes to answering your queries. Among all its exciting cool new features, Pixel 4XL is in limelight due to its new recorder app. This app not just records the audio but also transcribe audio to text in real-time. This is an AI-driven feature that works without depending on the cellular data or Wi-fi connection.

Recently Google has announced its all-new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. No doubt that the new Google phones have amazing features over its previous flagship phones. Among all its features, Google emphasized showcasing its recorder app which can transcribe in real-time based on the strong AI algorithms. 

In order to test the accuracy of the latest recorder app of Google Pixel 4. The Wall Street Journal tested it with the world’s fastest talking woman. Fren Capo, and a stenographer from a courtroom. Both of them read three passages from the books of Shakespeare and Google’s privacy policy.

Fren Capo is the world’s fastest talking woman, who holds the Guinness book of record for speaking 11 words in just 1 second. When Pixel 4XL had to transcribe against Fren Capo, Pixel 4XL failed terribly. Pixel 4XL wasn’t able to recognize and display the words to match up the speed of Capo. Technically, it is not the Pixel 4XL which was slow but Capo was too fast that it seems impossible to understand what she is saying.

Pixel 4XL was also tested against a courtroom Stenographer, Anita Trombetta. She can type 260 words in a minute on her special machine. In this test, Google’s real-time transcription feature competed superbly with Anita and both were almost equivalent.

The test didn’t end here. The Wall Street Journal tested the abilities of Google’s Pixel 4XL further against 4 random people. These people spoke in different accents. In this test, Pixel 4XL performed pretty well with only a few mistakes. The test was conducted offline, without an internet connection.

Concluding the results of the test, Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal said that the feature of real-time transcription of Google is “Damn Impressive”.

From the incident, it is clear that Google is working hard on improving its machine learning capabilities and AI mechanism. The best part of this feature is that it can run even without the Internet. This is achieved by adding a Neural Core chip that can process a number of tasks in less time.

Plus, the latest Pixel devices are taking the data security and privacy of users to the next level by introducing the “fastest face unlock in any smartphone.” The other awesome feature of Google Pixel 4XL includes improves assistant and fancy new camera features like Astrophotography, Live HDR Plus, and dual exposure controls. The only thing lacking is the processor, I think they should have gone for the Snapdragon 855+.



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