Chinese Hackers Break Into Chrome, Safari, & Revealed Browser Vulnerabilities

Browsing the internet on mobile devices is common nowadays. It is handy and convenient to surf the web anytime and anywhere. In a public hacking event in China, Chinese hackers have easily exploited the vulnerability present in the top browsers, mobile utilities, and other popular softwares.

Reports from the tech world are indicating that Chinese hackers have found ways to exploit the vulnerabilities in all popular browsers and other mobile apps. Recently, China has organized the Tianfu Cup which was held in Chengdu, China.

White-hat hackers group from China have tested Zero-days against top software’s available in the market today. On the inaugural day of the event, Chinese security researchers got access to most used browsers including Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Google Chrome.

In March 2018, it was advisory from the Chinese government that security researchers should not join any hacking competitions in foreign countries. In the event of the recent Tianfut Cup, hackers are open to golden opportunity to display fine hacking skills and can fill their pockets for successful hacking attempts.

Hackers can win up to 6 figures for successful exploits. One of the hacking team i.e. 360 Vulcan, who is the former winner of Pwn2Own, won 382,500 dollars for hacking the old versions of software like Microsoft Edge, Adobe PDF, and Office 365.

Hackers who have hacked VMWare won 200,000 dollars and while Gemu + Ubuntu exploiters won 80K dollars. The reward of 102,500 dollars was divided for other Apps. Earlier, a majority of software vendors attended such type of hacking competition and also take part in the events to learn the potential vulnerabilities in the system.

To provide the best services to their clients, some of the vendors even make corrections immediately and send the patches and fixes as quickly as possible.

However, in the Tianfu Cup, the crowd of vendors seems less than before. Probably this because the Chinese government discourages the vendors to participate in such hacking competitions. Despite less participation from the vendors, the event observes a record number of successful exploits.

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Well, the key focus of the event was that the king of all the search engines – Google has also participated along with the team members of Google Chrome. The organizers of the event have submitted a report of all the bugs that are highlighted in the event and the same will also be given to the vendors. Public hacking competition is far better than the private hacking campaigns with malicious intentions.



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