Google’s Silent Chrome Experiment Gone Wrong Crashes Browser Tabs

All the internet users agree to the fact that Google is always committed to bring the best of technology around us. In this way, it keeps on doing many experiments. One such experiment has been done with Google Chrome last week which lefts many IT admins and users confused due to frequent blank screen and browser crashing.

Reports have said that Google was silently experimenting with some changes in the widely used Chrome browser. Those who were accessing Chrome through Virtual environments like Citrix were often annoyed by the blank screen during the past week. Business houses usually keep on updating their browsers so they left confused when the Chrome browser started behaving unexpectedly.

When Google received a lot of complaints especially from business users, Google finally revealed the secret of its experiment done silently. We have made use of the word ‘Silently’ because Google wasn’t intimated to any of the IT admins or users in general. Google was actually experimenting with the new feature called the “WebContents Occlusion”.

This feature suspends all the open tabs when remains idle for some time. Google argued that the feature is testing for reducing the usage of resources. David Bienvenu, Software Engineer at Google said, “The experiment/flag has been on in beta for ~5 months. It was turned on for stable (e.g., m77, m78) via an experiment that was pushed to released Chrome Tuesday morning. Prior to that, it had been on for about one percent of M77 and M78 users for a month with no reports of issues, unfortunately.”

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When the several bug threads are reported by business users of Chrome, Google finally rolls back the change on Thursday. Thousands of issues were reported on Twitter, Reddit, and the official Google Forum. Although Google has done the change for reducing the usage of resources, IT admins and users have annoyed due to wastage of resources in fixing the issue.

The anger of IT admins can be estimated from the response given by one of the users on a discussion forum that reads, “I am stunned by your response,” said one IT admin in response to Bienvenu’s confirmation on the issues. “Do you see the impact you created for thousands of us without any warning or explanation? We are not your test subjects. We are running professional services for multi-million dollar programs.”

Google after releasing the trouble caused to thousands of IT professionals, apologies on the issue. You can read the complete details of the new feature experimented by Google on its Chrome browser using this link.



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