How to Know My Jio Number? (5 Ways)

Jio from Reliance is a game-changing network provider that has made a sensation in the telecommunication market with its unusual offers. Since its public launch in September 2016, More than half of Indian customers have availed Jio services due to its cheap and flexible plans.  

Mobile technology has spoiled our habit of maintaining the telephone diary where we used to note down the important contact numbers. Now we don’t even know our own number. Once we insert the SIM card into the device, who cares about the number and manual? It usually lies in the retired of waste papers. Especially when you’re keeping a spare number like Jio SIM along with your regular number. If you ever want to know what is your Jio number? Maybe for recharge or for lending it to your friend, this article shows you different ways of checking your Jio number on your phone.

How to Know My Jio Number Using Jio App

  • If you have not downloaded My Jio App, then download it.
  • Open the ‘MyJio’ app on your phone.
  • Login to your ‘MyJio’ account.
  • On the home screen, under the ‘My Account’ section, you can see your registered Jio mobile number.


Along with your mobile number, you can also see your unused prepaid balance and active plans.

How to Know My Jio Number by Sending SMS

You can check your Jio number by sending an SMS to know your current and active plans on your number. Here’s how –

  • Type an SMS “MYPLAN”.
  • Send SMS To “199”.
  • You will then shortly receive a reply SMS containing all the details of an active data plan on your number and your Jio mobile number also.

How to Know My Jio Number Using USSD code.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code is the new idea of communication set up by GSM cellular telephones to network operator’s system. In order to check your Jio mobile number through USSD code so the following –

  • Open the ‘Phone’ app on your device.
  • Type “*1#”.
  • And hit the dial button.
  • Soon after that, a popup appears on your device showing your mobile number and latest offers.

How to Know My Jio Number by Calling the Customer Care

Every telecommunication service has set up a customer care department to resolve queries and acknowledge the complaints of the customers. If for any reason, you are not able to get your Jio number, call the customer care and ask them to tell your number. They are surely kind enough to help you out with it. The number is 198/199, toll-free.

How to Know My Jio Number Through Email

To serve its customers well on time, Jio provides email support as well. Although it takes time and is not as instant as other options, eventually, you may get to know your Jio number. The email is – [email protected].

By the way, at least one of the above methods will definitely work for you, if not, you have to do the same old-school trick to know your number. Call any of your friends and tell them to send your number, or call a nearby phone and copy the number. For more information about Jio numbers, visit


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