Samsung’s New App Lets You Create Your Own Themes

There are tons of Android Apps available on the internet that offers thousands of eye-catching and minimalistic themes but Samsung is taking a step ahead launching a new app that enables the users to customize their own themes for Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. Samsung named the app as “Theme Park”. This app will itself create a new theme fetching the colors from the current wallpaper.

This app is actually a new module for the Good Lock app. The app is designed in such a way that it automatically detects the colors and other elements of the wallpaper set on the phone and designs a unique theme as per your preference.


“Theme Park” is featured with a variety of customization options like font style, backgrounds, colors, etc. Users can remove the background in the app icons if they don’t like it. This new app from Samsung facilitates to change the size and color of the text used in writing the name of the apps. Themes created through this app are saved on the user’s device so that users can set any theme they like.

Samsung devices will store all the themes created through Theme Park app under the “Wallpaper and Themes” section in the settings app of the device. As of now, themes created by one user in the “Theme Park” app can’t be shared with other users. However, it might be possible that the feature will be added later.

It’s simple to use and a free app by Samsung, that lets you showcase your creativity in developing some beautiful themes for Android phones. Here’s how to use the Samsung “Theme Park” app and some of its notable features.

  • Select the image or wallpaper you want to customize
  • Select the color from the palette available.
  • Once you are done with the customization, click on install the theme.
  • The theme will be saved to your device storage.
  • Open the saved theme and tap on “Apply”.

Before applying the theme, users can check the preview of how the theme looks on their device. “Theme Park” app will need storage, access photos, and access media permissions on the user’s device.

Android users who are running Android Pie can get the app downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy App store. Those users who are running Android 10, will have to wait as it’s not yet supported. In case if users don’t find the Theme Park app in the Galaxy store, you can also download it from other third-party app stores. Alternatively, one may also download the APK file and install the app. 



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