How To Completely Lock Your Facebook Profile From Stalkers? (Easy way)

With the increase in cybercrime and online fraud, the safety of people, especially women, is at higher risk. In anger, women are often exposed to the risk of unwanted friendship messages on various social media platforms, some of which are obscene.

Women also run the risk of online fraud profiles being created by the same people whose progress they might have refused to accept. This could be a thing of the past. While Twitter is testing a feature that allows users to decide who can reply to their tweets, Facebook has introduced a new security feature in India that will enable users to block their profiles from their non-friends.

This will particularly help women who find their posts and photos uploaded online by troublemakers. With the profile lock feature, users can apply multiple existing privacy settings and numerous new functions to their Facebook profile.

To activate the feature, a user on the Facebook profile must press “More” below their name, then select “Block profile” and press again to confirm.

Once the profile is locked, non-friends can no longer enlarge, share, or download the user’s profile photo and cover photo. Non-friends can no longer view pictures and posts in the blocked account timeline (history or new).

The new feature is similar to Profile Picture Guard, which, as the name suggests, avoided using profile photos to harass women.

Facebook product manager Roxna Irani was quoted by a news portal: We started with the profile because it was the image that most worried women about being uploaded and shared. And this is when we first introduce profile photoprotection.

And then, over time, we discovered that it extends beyond the current profile photo to other photos. In the new implementation, a blue badge indicates that a person’s profile is blocked.

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile?


If you see a person’s “Lock Profile” button, it means that their profile is locked, and all messages and photos from people they don’t know are displayed. In short, this means that it is only visible to your friends.

A new feature has been added to Facebook that allows you to lock the profile to protect your posts and photos from people you don’t know.

I will explain how to do this in the Facebook app.

Step 1
Open the Facebook app or website and go to Settings > Timeline and tagging > Tagging. Then select the “Friends” option.

Step 2

Now go to Facebook Help Center (click here). You can do this by tapping the hamburger menu and scrolling at the bottom. Here select the Help Center option. Here search for the keyword “Lock profile”.

Step 3
Tap “How blocked profiles work” (possibly the fourth or fifth option in the list).

Step 4
Scroll down and look for a “lock profile.” Touch it, and your profile will be blocked.
In this way, nobody but your friends can see the photos and messages.

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If you don’t find this option then it’s not available in your county as this feature isn’t available everywhere right now. You can only lock your profile in certain countries and on certain devices.

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