Creative Snapchat Streak Ideas for Android & iPhone

Snapchat streaks are also known as snap streaks among Snapchat users. Even if some people find it irritating, most people appreciate this feature. It also helps remind people who are in remote locations. If you are in neighboring houses, the streaks can be irritating. Well, today, we will show you some ideas for the Snapchat streaks. In this article, you will learn how to use this fantastic feature from your favorite social media app.

Ideas for Snapchat streaks

Snapshots are like “karma” for Reddit users. However, the Streaks isn’t useful outside of the app, and even within the app, Snapchat Streaks doesn’t mean much. This is just proof of your commitment to the app and how crazy you are with your loved ones in the app.

So if you want to know about and access the Snapchat streaks, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re going to develop your Snapstreaks, these Snapchat streak ideas can come in handy.

How to keep perfect Snapchat streaks going?

You must select a perfect person to keep the streaks. It is quite right to make streaks with few people, instead of sending them all. So just follow the checklist below before streaking on Snapchat. Also, below are some essential things to note about Snapchat Streaks.

When you see the emoji “100”, it means that you have reached 100 streaks with your friend.
Or, when you see the “hourglass” icon, it means you are almost falling behind to send a snap to your friend and keep the streak going.

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Let’s start a streak with your friend

It is natural for groups of friends to discuss who will keep the highest series. The correct way to start Snapstreaks is to take a photo with your friend who is still interested in streaks. However, if both are determined to have the highest streaks, they will be forced not to break Snapchat’s rules. Also, don’t disturb people on your contact list. You should not bother them as they are on your contact list.

Be aware of the time

If you or your friend can’t answer a snap within 24 hours, they will both lose their streaks. However, you need to know when to submit an image to meet the 24-hour time frame. When you send a streak to your friend late at night, the 24-hour period will be primarily at midnight the next day. Also, you may be asleep at that time. Therefore, the best time to send snapshots and keep your streak going is during the day. Also, the day allows you to take different Snaps daily.

Focus on the people you frequently chat with

Another better way to keep a long streak going is when you’re sending a streak to someone you often talk to. Likely, if you start a streak with someone you generally don’t associate with, then the person may get irritated along the line and stop responding to your snapshots. However, it would make you lose your streak.

Share your Snapchat QR on other social networks

Yes, if you are funloving and humourous with your streaks, then your followers like you, and they love coming back. However, if you don’t feel comfortable making friends with strangers, you can avoid this method.

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Easier and better Snapchat streak ideas

If you’re the one who always takes the time to make Snapchat streaks, then you’ve got your ideas. So the following purposes may seem quite simple to you. But, if you are a mixed person but want to keep the streaks on other days, you can follow the following Snapchat Streaks ideas.

Also, you cannot send Streaks from your Mobile Gallery. Therefore it will not work with the stock images. You have to do this process in real-time. In addition to giving over 50 useless ideas that take a long time, I limit the list to a few ideas.

Any random picture would do the job

Snapchat Story Random ^-^ - YouTube

It doesn’t matter that you have a lot of cameras on your mobile phone and want to take a picture of stunning nature or anything else. You can also choose any random photo and add the text “Streak,” then share it with your friend. It is not mandatory to use high-quality images or unique images every day. However, what is required is that you must share a picture, and your friend responds with another photo, which is “Snaps.” You can also use your environment to take snapshots.

Make a streak with daily food

pinterest| @universexox ♏ | Food snapchat, Snack craving, Snap food

When you can’t take pictures of your surroundings, because people are everywhere, so don’t take photos of random people. It will not end the right way in most situations. You can also take pictures of your food and send it to your friends. No one hates food. We did not eat the same food daily. So it looks very different from your friends every day.

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While traveling

Pin by Ika on snapchat | Snapchat, Tumblr photography, Insta photo ...

You don’t need to be the world traveler to take photos of different places. You can also take pictures of different areas and regions in your daily life. If you go to school or in the workplace, you will see many places. Click those places and send them to your friends. Also, it makes you find different angles in the common areas of every day.

Black Screen

ριитєяєѕт: humanwithart ✨ | Snapchat quotes, Snap quotes, 11 11 wish

I hate this method. But, many people scratch with their friends using a black screen when closing the camera and adding some stickers to keep the streak numbers. When you have no idea, you can use it this way. Except for adding some stickers, add some daily pranks. You can also find them online everywhere. It does not bore people. Also, it is nice that the black screen with only scratched letters, in addition to using third-party applications to modify streaks and be banned by Snapchat. Also, this black screen method is better.


Well, to maintain long Snapchat streaks, you must have your idea. You must be unique. For those who think it is just a waste of time. As human beings, we must do some unwanted things to spread joy among ourselves. When we do some unique items, people will take an interest in us. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on a perfect streak idea. Plus, you can get that in a few minutes. Well, I hope the above purposes from Snapchat Streak will help you a lot.

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