10 Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Most of us spend a lot of time on the Internet watching troll videos, funny clips, or even fun. The Internet is overloaded with such links, videos, memes, clips, and more.

But did you know that there are many prank websites on the Internet where you can find the best prank ideas?

We know that many of you are still unaware of these fantastic prank websites. Therefore, if there is a computer genius for every question to play a prank on your friends, these websites are created for you.

10 Best Prank Websites on the Internet

Both of these websites (Jumpscare links) are truly awesome and will encourage you to enjoy trolling your mates. And here, we’re going to list the top 10 beautiful troll websites that you can use to harass your friends.

1. Blow Up the Phone

You can easily send large amounts of messages or prank phone calls to your family or friends to choose how many and how quickly they can receive them.
You may use this prank website to get a spectacular response from the pranking.

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2. Peter’s answers: prank links

Do you want someone to answer all your questions? Peter’s answers are the most popular joke on the Internet that answers all his questions. You can ask questions about your friends, how is he using it?

You can also ask other questions, eg. What is your mother cooking in the kitchen, or what movie is your brother watching? Peter will answer all questions correctly. Always a friendly and positive language when asking questions.

3. Fake update

Fakeupdate.net creates fake Windows 7 and 10 updates on your browser screen. If someone clicks on this bogus update, the display screen will show blue screen death in your browser.
You can use this prank on anyone who can’t guess what happened to their computer. It is one of the best jokes you can play with anyone.

4. Hacker Typer

This website is one of the best sites that will give an illusion to your friend that you are a hacker.

This prank link will help you show your friends that you are a hacker and that you can hack any computer. This website allows you to work as a hacker and show someone that you are a hacker.

If you want more features, you should visit the Geektyper website. This website is similar to the hacker type but offers more features and themes.

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5. Google Terminal

Would you like to see what Google would look like in the 80s? Open and enter a search query for this Google Terminal website.

The result is displayed in the terminal, and you feel as if you were in the 80s. This site is the best way to recall how the previous Google.

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6. Create Fake Facebook Posts

You can upload a post on Facebook with a fake name. This website allows you to upload the post with the Name of Your friends, or any Famous personality. Your friends won’t know about this and they are pranked!

7. Tips for Google’s secret code

Google is the most prominent place where you can play lots of pranks. There are many things like codes, Easter eggs that will help you play the joke on your friends.

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8. Prank spaces

This prank page contains all the available content that you can use to prank your friends, family, and colleagues.

The Prank Space website has a host of pranks that can be used to annoy others.

You can also get to learn magic tricks and pranks like audio, video, flash, and much more. So you should visit this website if he or she want to prank someone.

9. What’s wrong with the room?

Do you want to be afraid? If so, you should try this website. We warn you that this website is not for shy people.

On this Prank website, you should search the room and explore the things around you until you notice something else. You will see something obsessed, so if you have a weak heart, we advise you not to visit this website.

10. Shocking prank on Facebook: Troll Websites

The incredible website is the Internet’s most popular website. The profile of this website is look-like. This is the perfect way to frighten your friends with a website link.

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