15 Best Free MKV Players For Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

We all download and save media files on our computers and mobile devices. Some multimedia formats are supported by your devices by default while some are not. MKV file format is often not supported by most of the devices.

MKV file format is a popular multimedia format these days because it gives you audio, video, and subtitles all in one file only. It might be possible that your device may not play MKV files and you may face problems like video lags, no sound, etc.

To play MKV file format on your device, you can always download an MKV video player or change the video file format. Here are the list of top 15 MKV players that you can use on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

15 Best MKV Video Player Softwares

Now downloading the MKV video player app, you can enjoy all your video files without any break. You can pick any of the applications below depending on the device and operating system you are using. These applications are absolutely free and easy to use.

VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the popular media player applications that are available for all the platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It supports all the major audio and video formats including MKV file format. The features added in the VLC player are very convenient. The controls are well designed and handy to operate right from the screen. It has a sleek interface and is very easy to use. You can also convert video files to mp3 using VLC media player.

Download (Windows | MAC | iOS | Android)

KM Player

KM Player is the lightweight media player application that can fit into any device. It supports the MKV file format seamlessly. Besides the MKV file format, it also supports other media formats like FLV, AVS, WMV, RMVB, etc. Using KMPlayer is very easy with its simplified interface and handy controls. It contains no Ads.

Download (Windows | MAC | iOS | Android)

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Not all the media players mentioned in this list can play the damaged MKV files. But 5KPlayer can play damaged MKV files. It is popular as the best MKV Media Player among the viewers. Apart from MKV, you can play videos and other formats also like MP4 and AVI.

Download (Windows | Mac)

FreeSmith Video Player

FreeSmith video player is absolutely free of cost and it supports multiple file-formats including MKV, MPEG, WMV, etc. You can also stream the videos with the help of a URL. It is available mainly for Windows and supports the latest version of Windows 10 also.

Download (Windows)


DAPlayer has a variety of teachers to offer you. It supports multiple media file-formats including MKV. The best part of this media player is that it provides you with add-on support so that you can enhance its features. It supports all the high definition video formats and gives you the best quality to watch for free.

Download (Windows | iOS | Android)

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Another awesome video player is SMPlayer that can play your video in any format. MKV format is one of them. You may find the interface of this player similar to that of Media Player Classic. So if you have ever used Media Player Classic, you will find SMPlayer quite familiar. Among all the other media players listed here, you will find SMPlayer fastest of all. It is a free and open-source platform.

Download (Windows)

DivX Player

You will find the aesthetics of this media player white attractive to use. Plus this is a very simple and easy tool that anyone can learn to use easily. This media player is available for all 4 majorly used platforms that are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So, no matter, you are using a computer or mobile phone, you can watch MKV videos everywhere.

Download (Windows | MAC | iOS | Android)

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic provides you with all types of codecs that are needed to play videos in incompatible file formats with your device. Along with MKV, Media Player Classic can play any video in the rare file format. So definitely it can be the right video player for you to play any video seamlessly.

Download (Windows | Android)

GOM Media Player

GOM media player supports all types of video formats and is absolutely free to download on any platform. What makes GOM media player different from others is its ability to search for the Codec online.

Download (Windows | Android)


POTPlayer facilities to download the codec automatically. It supports all types of popular as well as rare media file-formats including MKV on Windows 10 and its previous versions. What makes this media player unique is the ability to play even the damaged MKV files skipping the damaged portions. 

Download (Windows)


AllPlayer supports all media formats including MKV, WMV, MPEG, and such others. We often struggle in finding the right media player to play all the videos in a single media player. AllPlayer is the one-stop solution for all your media. In addition, it can also play torrent videos. The speed of the codec program is also very fast.

Download (Window | Android | iOS)


Most of the users prefer JetVideo clear because of its clean, simple and well-organized interface. If you don’t like the default theme, you can set different themes out of the many options available. This will enhance the video playing experience of the user. Not just add it also supports a variety of video formats including MKV, MP4, MOV, QT, AVI, MPEG, and others.

Download (Windows)

Real Player

If talking particularly about the Windows operating system, Real Player is one of the oldest since Windows XP was in use. Developers of Real Player are still updating it for the best services to users. Not on your Windows Pcs and Android phones but it is compatible with your HD TV as well.

Download (Windows)


UMPlayer is an advanced multimedia player that provides all you expect from the video player. This player has around 270 codecs preloaded. It supports almost all the formats which include AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, MKV, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, and many more. You can customize the features of this player using codecs.

Download (Windows)

ACG Player

Last but not least in our list today is ACG Player. It comes power-packed with many useful features like setting shortcuts, streaming videos online, support subtitles, music, and many more. To watch videos in MKV format, you can download ACG Player on your Windows PC for free.

Download (Windows)


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