10 Best Thumbnail Maker Apps to Make Catchy Thumbnails

Thumbnails are like an overview of what you wish to present in your video. They decide whether the user will click on your video or not. A great thumbnail can make your video go viral, so it’s very important to spend some time designing your thumbnail

Less is more is the concept applied while making thumbnails as it should neither be too tacky nor too simple looking. So, to help you out when having less time and need a thumbnail within minutes, we have listed the best thumbnail maker apps for your smartphones.

1. Ultimate thumbnail maker

This is one of the most top-rated thumbnail maker apps. It comes with several backgrounds, filters, fonts, stickers, and emojis that you can use in the creation of your perfect thumbnail. It also has various other features such as 3D text rotation, logo creation, and presentation that helps in adding appeal to your thumbnail. This is one of the easier and fastest apps for making thumbnails for your videos and blog posts.

Download (Android)

2. PixelLab

For creating a thumbnail in this app, users will have to upload the right sized image in this app as it allows adding text and other related things such as background, stickers, emojis, etc. It won’t automatically create thumbnail size images. However, it makes up for it with other features that help in making the thumbnail look better and appealing. It has stunning graphics and 60 different options for font, background, stickers that you can choose from.

Download (Android|iOS)

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3. PicMonkey

This is a complete photo editing app for users. It helps in creating beautiful social media post covers, thumbnails for your videos and blog posts, banners for online shops, business icons, etc. It has several tools that make your photo look professionally edited. A few of these include beautiful effects, graphic stickers, touch-ups, background editor, and a few others for giving the perfect output.

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4. Canva

This app is specifically used for creating thumbnails on devices. All you need to do is to select the for which you need the thumbnail and it’ll make the adjustments automatically. You can then add other things such as text, images, stickers, filters, emojis, background, etc. It helps in creating perfect banners for your different social media and also in editing photos so that they look professionally edited.

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5. Adobe spark

This app is widely used for creating stunning graphics for different occasions. It offers various pre-designed templates that you can easily use and edit as per your convenience. You can also add images, texts, filters, emojis, and various other things to create a unique template for yourself. It is a reliable app as it is from adobe and helps you in editing thumbnails and other pictures to perfection.

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6. Thumbnail maker & channel art maker

This is a great app for creating compelling thumbnails, banner videos, and channel arts – all free of cost. This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy to use. It is also useful in creating collage if you want. There are many tools that you can use to make your thumbnails, edit your photos, etc. these are text design presets, fonts, popular and trending stickers, photo remix options.

Download (Android|iOS)

7. Thumbnail maker

This app is another great find for android & apple users who want to make creative and amazing thumbnails for their YouTube videos. It is free of cost and users can create thumbnails with ease and also very fast. This app is a good option for making video & photo thumbnails as well as covers for all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. There are several effects, fonts, background, stickers, and various such features that the users can use.

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8. Banner maker

This app has several in-built banner templates that help in making the most creative thumbnails. You can easily create YouTube banners, cover photos, video thumbnail, Twitter banner, etc., with the help of this app. This app helps in creating professional thumbnails to make your post viral on social media due to its creative tools and appealing design. The best part about this app is that the banner can be made very quickly.

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9. YouTube studio

This is a great app for those users who own a YouTube channel. It helps you in managing your YouTube channels with ease. There are several essential editing tools present in this app that you can use to make a perfect thumbnail image.

Download (Android|iOS)

10. Cover photo maker

This app is for all those who like to keep their social media aesthetic and pleasant looking. It helps in creating perfect Facebook cover photos, post images, and also eye-catching thumbnail for your blog posts as well as YouTube videos. There are various stickers, fonts, and different backgrounds that you can use in this app.

 Download (Android)


Next time you want to make the perfect thumbnail for your videos or posts, you will know which apps you can trust as these are tried and tested ones and deliver the best results. Download these on your android device and start using them now!

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