11 Best Music Players with Lyrics Support for Android/iOS

We can’t live without music. It is now a part of our everyday life. This is one of the reasons why the number of music players has increased in the recent past. Now they come with lyrics support, which is an added benefit when you are listening to a song for the first time. While there are several android music players available out there, we have shortlisted the best ones that we have come across during our hunt for good players.

1. Music player – MP3 player

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 1

This music player can be used offline and is a great choice for music enthusiasts out there. The sound quality is great and the user’s battery also doesn’t drain out quickly while the player is in use. In addition to quality music, there are about 30+ music themes, a powerful beats equalizer, a built-in MP3 cutter that helps the user is making their perfect ringtones, supports some languages, and also has drive move enabled. This is one of the most-used apps for its user-friendly interface.

Download (Android)

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2. AL Song- music player & lyrics

android music player with lyrics offline2


This app provides real-time sync lyrics which makes it easier for the user to follow the song they are listening to along with its music. This sync lyrics function provides almost 7 million song lyrics that can be saved when you are using it online and also be used later when you are offline, for up to 30 days. The user can also select different display styles for the lyrics being displayed on the screen.

Apart from these benefits, this app also supports add-ons for a timer and has a language function.

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3. Musixmatch lyrics

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 3

This app is a personal favorite owing to its user-friendly interface and also the collection of synchronized song lyrics for YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and various music platforms that are in use presently.
This app allows the users to simply tap on the real-time notification to display floating lyrics and these lyrics can also be translated into another language of your choice. You can also get the song info on this app.

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4. Music player

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 4

This player has a powerful equalizer that comes with around 20+ presets, different backgrounds which can also be customized with various skins and themes of your liking, and also has a search option that helps a great deal in finding the files you want to play on this app.

The user can also create playlists in this app. It also has a 3D surround sound, HD album covers, bass booster, and a built-in ringtone cutter for making it easier to get the right ringtone of your choice.

Download (Android)

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5. QuickLyric – Instant lyrics

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 5

This app is lyric-centric and just list the name suggest, it provides instant lyrics. The user simply has to open the app and play their favorite songs, the lyrics will follow simultaneously. It has many features designed to increase the ease of use such as fast lyrics finder, synchronized offline lyrics for free, built-in song identifier which is easier when you are using any other app, floating lyrics and also allows downloading lyrics that you can later enjoy when offline. It also supports various music apps such as google play music, Spotify, etc.

Download (Android)

6. Lyrics mania – music player

This is an integrated music player that has been specially designed to help users in searching lyrics to their favorite songs in real-time, no matter the music player they are using. It has a real-time notification that helps in bringing out the lyrics to those songs that are streamed from various apps such as google play music, Spotify, and various others. Its built-in feature that detects songs with ease has made it easier for the user to get lyrics without having to look for it.

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7. Poweramp music player

this is one amazing music player for android users. It has amazing features such as rich visualizations, gesture controls, and also equalizer presets that not only makes it user friendly but also gives the player an aesthetic look. It also has a new audio engine, support for hi-res output, gapless smoothing, and 30/50/100 volume levels.

It has built-in support for various lyric apps such as genius, QuickLyric, and Musixmatch which helps in identifying the song and giving out its lyrics without closing the music player. While it is not free of cost, its features are worth paying for after a 14-day trial period.

Download (Android)

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8. Shuttle music player

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support

This is a modern music player with several features that make this app worth having. It has a built-in 6-band equalizer + bass boost, gapless playback, automatic artwork downloading, customizable widgets, last.FM scrobbling, embedded lyrics support, a sleep timer, various themes, and is quite intuitive too.

This app builds on the strengths of google play music and the ones who are willing to go pro on this app by purchasing that version, will get few extra features such as ID3 tag editing, Chromecast support, and also folder browsing.

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9. Black player

This is a free and highly customizable music player that provides the users amazing animations and easy to use interface. It provides the users with HD Album cover management, ID3 tag editor, MP3 scrobbling, cross-fading, customizable themes, fonts, colors and animations, gapless audio playback, and sleep timer.

The users can easily various songs present with different extensions. The LRC files are quite easy to embed in a chosen folder where you have saved your tracks in as the lyrics can’t be taken from the web. Save your lyrics file with the same name as your song and see how it plays out well.

 Download (Android)

10. Retro music player

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 10

This app has been specially created for those who want to enjoy music in its truest essence. It has an amazing user interface, audio playback features, lock screen controls, various themes, different language support, offline music playing, tag editor, etc., that makes this app a great option for music lovers.

Apart from that, it has an additional feature i.e., 2 tabs for lyrics: synced and normal. The users can add synchronized lyrics all by themselves by simply going on the synced lyrics tab>edit and pasting the acquired lyrics there. It is free of cost too.

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11. GoneMAD music player

Android Music Players with Lyrics Support 11

This is quite an advanced music player that comes with several customizable features. These features allow for a better-personalized listening experience. It has smart playlists, song ratings, preamp gain control, bookmarking, embedded lyrics, high-powered 2 to 10 band graphic equalizer with 3 quality settings, and multi-window on supported devices, and these are just a few among the total 250+ such features.

This app also allows embedding lyrics by your self. However, the lyrics aren’t synchronized and need to be scrolled to follow. This app allows a 14-day trial period before asking you to pay for enjoying all of its benefits.

 Download (Android)


There is no dearth of music players that make it easy to play the song along with the lyrics app. These were the few tried and tested ones that we suggest you try out and get grooving on your favorite song.



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